Bootable Linux ISO

Make a Bootable Linux ISO for Xenserver / Ubuntu / ESXI etc.

How to make a Bootable Linux ISO for Xenserver


  • Format USB drive as Fat32
  • Download the ISO you need such as xenserver, ubuntu, debian, fedora or ESXI etc.
  • Download unetbootin ( )
  • Start unetbootin
  • Select diskimage then specify Xenserver 6.1.0 image as the iso.
  • Pick your USB drive from drop down for drive.
  • Click Ok
  • Wait till it says done, you DONT need to reboot.
  • Open USB Drive where you just finished the install.
  • On the USB drive, copy the contents of the /boot/isolinux folder to the root of the USB – overwrite any files
  • Rename the ‘isolinux.cfg’ file to ‘syslinux.cfg’
  • Rename the ‘isolinux.bin’ file to ‘syslinux.bin’
  • Remove USB and insert into server usb port > reboot server machine.
  • make sure removable drive is the one to boot from in BIOS.
  • Follow the prompts.

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