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OnePlus One to launch in EU countries – events to be held in Prague, Warsaw and Budapest next week

It’s been a year now since OnePlus One started to ship on certain markets via the invitation system and a few months ago that atrocious condition was scratched. Now, the device will also become available to some countries in the EU with the future promise of coming to...
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Wearable Widgets update – compatibility with Wear devices

Another app gets an update with Wear device compatibility – Wearable Widgets basically tries to expand the smartwatch functionality by offering it more stuff to do. The 2.0 update was previously compatible with Sony and Glass smartwatches and now it can be used with...
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Sony Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact unofficially leaked online

Sony Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact completely leaked online a few days before the official reveal! Almost six months ago, Sony released the Xperia Z2 at Mobile World Congress and now, at IFA in Berlin this week, newer devices may be released as well. A Facebook page...
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CLI Thumbnail generation

Just found this snippet in one of my local snippet files. i think I got this from some blog.... but I can't recall 🙁 anyhoo awesome little piece of code, generates thumbnails from all images in the dir its run from.   [crayon-591f556b37ca6182768197/]  ...
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[CES 2015] Nest thermostat to be compatible with Insteon, Whirlpool and others

Google’s Nest thermostat is now compatible with more product brands, including Whirlpool, Philips Hue and Insteon. The news came at the CES2015 held in Las Vegas this week, where the intelligent thermostat that can connect to your phone and adjust the temperature...
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Apple Music app ported to Android, because you can’t listen to your favorite tunes otherwise

Apple is finally opening up to cross-platform commitments and, although it is just doing it to bait potential customers into joining “ the proverbial dark side”, it managed to bring Apple Music to the Google Play store. Why do we need such a thing? Well, there are...
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Pushbullet update to allow SMS messaging history between Android devices and Windows PCs

Pushbullet just rolled out its newest update and this time it’s something big. After launching an important overhaul of its cross-platform apps, the company decided to change the way it handles SMS messages.       Your Android Pushbullet version is now...
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ASUS Transformer Pad update to Android 4.4.2

ASUS Transformer Pad got an update to Android 4.4.2 recently and it includes a slow rollout. ASUS has been running low on updates recently and it stays behind the most recent updates when it comes to the OS. Hey, at least we’re getting updates, right? Those who don’t...
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Tech security

In Todays world tech security is an ever important aspect of our lives, everyone and everything out there is trying to break into your life and steal your information, so How do we stay secure? You can find current best practices and urgent issues in the tech security field on this site.

Sysadmin tutorials

As a practicing sysadmin and a consultant for some very promising companies Across the USA I will post sysadmin tutorials that make my life easier when I am trying to do my job.

Devops tips

Devops is a hot field these days, and keeping on top of the field is a constant struggle. I will post what tips I have figured out over the course of my work life and hopefully make your life easier 🙂

System Administrator news

From HeartBleed, Freak, ShellShock, Poodle, or whatever new clamaity may befall us any day now I will try to keep on top of the latest system administrator news affecting our lives.

Best Devops tools

Tools, scripts, libraries, apps and general tidbits that are there to makes our lives easier, I will be posting about all the best devops tools.

CloudBleed a Cloudflare flaw leaks customer data

Cloudbleed aka Cloudleak is a bug in Cloudflare which is a CDN service, a proxy service, and a DNS provider... well to be honest cloudflare is a LOT of things these days and provides a freemium set of services, you can run your site using their DNS, proxy / CDN...

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Windows 10 User Experience & Telemetry service

Windows 10 was released long ago in internet time, but I get asked questions about it randomly by various users, friends and clients. One of the most asked ones is about "spying" that windows 10 may be doing on the user. Initially a server called DiagTrack was present...

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Enable WebGL on Chrome or Firefox

WebGL on Chrome Enable hardware acceleration : browse to chrome://settings/advanced scroll to the bottom and look for Use hardware acceleration when available make sure Use hardware acceleration when available is checked ✓ if it tells you to then click the relaunch...

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SwiftKey sharing users data with strangers

Swiftkey was an amazing keyboard that usurped swype as my default keyboard, I loved its predictions, its swiping to type tech and its overall layout and features. For a long time it worked great, then I grew enamored with other keyboards and moved on. Recently...

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Ubuntu & Bash tutorial & basic utilities

An introduction to the CLI (Command Line Interface) and Bash on Ubuntu Linux aka a bash tutorial The default shell that is installed on Ubuntu Linux is bash. Alternatives exist, but they’re beyond the scope of this tutorial (check our post here for more info on how to...

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Why you should switch to ZShell ( zsh )

Why use ZShell It has some amazing features, but right out of the gate in no particular order: Context based tab completion that puts most others out there to shame. Shared history among tabs. Dynamic Load modules Spelling correction that out performs most others out...

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Battlefield 1 Reveal

Battlefield 1942 (sometimes known as BF1942) is a 3D World War II first-person shooter video game developed by Swedish company Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts for Microsoft Windows and OS X. The game can be played in...

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Alsa CLI Volume control

I couldn't find the silly volume control in the system settings one day so i figured there had to be something I could use to control volume settings like mic boost without needing a gui or remembering names and numbers for the CLI. well there is and it's so easy a...

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Ubuntu 16.04 release changes & info

Ubuntu 16.04, code-named "Xenial Xerus", is here and its amazing! many new changes, many new additions and some removals of old outdated software/functionality. Unity has been polished and streamlined along with the much maligned ads have been removed! so lets get...

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Cyanogenmod Gapps error with SetupWizard

I saw that CM13 is out and it brings Android 6.0.1 (r17) goodies such as the battery saving ‘doze’ functionality and new permissions model, alongside the usual set of CM features. I have an HTC m8 sitting around which I figure was due for a custom rom right about now,...

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Android ADB commands

Android ADB Commands can be a mysterious bunch, but they have saved me from some disasters and made my life easier overall so I figured I would write a small post today and list some useful commands, hopefully you may use in your android endeavors. First you need to...

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Linux distribution info & kernel info

Do you have multiple vms and real machines you use for random testing, and small tasks? need to know what machine you are on? what kernel you are using? what the current Linux distribution info is? what OS version did you last install on here? and more such questions?...

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Letsencrypt ssl cert for mumble

I needed to set up a mumble server for a friends minecraft community. The Mumble software uses a client–server architecture which allows users to talk to each other via the same server. It has a very simple administrative interface and features high sound quality and...

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