Geforce now errors on Tmobile home internet

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Recently I got Tmobile home internet to replace my Optimum cable internet. It was working fine but for the past few days, I keep getting errors when trying to play any games.

Error 0x000009D

The first error I got was 0x000009D whenever launching a game. I haven’t found a fix for this one, but using a VPN bypasses this one. You can use any VPN. I use a browser-based VPN and play using

Error 0xc0f222

I get this error when using a VPN but this one is easy to fix. find the setting called WebRTC Leak Protection or WebRTC Leak block etc. and DISABLE it. This is in your VPN settings somewhere.

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  1. Get a real PC bro! jk.
    I wonder if Tmo is trying to limit your “unlimited” data.


    1. Pfft what’s even real any more! And yeah something is weird about it, but for now the vpn works.