5 Apps for Women – what are your favorite Android apps?

We all have smartphones that we cherish in this day and age and we keep trying to keep ourselves entertained, be it via social media or through apps and games. We try them all, we keep what we like and toss away those pesky in-app purchase apps when they start to bug us too much. But being women, we can find some interesting choices in great apps for women that actually make our lives easier. In the following article I will provide you with five of the most popular and useful apps you can at least try to see if they help you in your womanly day to day routine. Here we go!         My Fitness Pal   We are always preoccupied with our health or our appearance and, especially since we lead busier and busier lives, we can fall into bad habits that will not help us in any way. This is where My Fitness Pal comes to the rescue as this little free app will help us keep a record of what we eat and how we exercise. It is one of the most popular health and fitness app for women because what it primarily does is count calories and keep track of your daily sports routine. You can also access blogs, recipes and tips on how to improve your diet and workout routine for better results. You get daily and weekly nutrition goals you can thoroughly investigate, as well as progress charts, daily reminders and you can even sync […]

Lazyboard App – the app for easy, short and lazy text answers!

There are moments when you have no effs to give and no desire to write long messages on your messaging app of choice, right? Well, that’s where Lazyboard app fits in! This free app will let you send messages at the simple push of a virtual button! When you don’t want to have a proper conversation but you still feel somewhat obliged to respond to a text, you can use one of the dozens keys at your disposal.       Lazyboard app has two default theme settings, but if you buy the Pro version, you can get many many more. The Pro version only costs $1, but you don’t really have to buy it if the simpleness of the essence of this app is all that your lazy butt needs.   In order to enable the lazyboard keyboard you have to open up the settings, select the language & input, tap on your current keyboard and choose Lazyboard. Then you will be able to press one button to send your OK or Thanks answer! Give the app a look below:

Google Play Games gets gameplay recording feature

Google Play Games is one of the best and most popular apps on the store with well over 1 billion downloads. Now the app got an update with something really interesting: you will be able to record gameplays on your mobile device!       What this update allows you to do is record your Android games and you can later upload them on YouTube via the Play Games app. The bad part is that this is only available in the UK and US for the time being.   How does gameplay recording work on Google Play Games?   In order to begin recording a game, you have to find it in the Play games app and you will get a record button you can press. Your video will be encoded in 480p or 720p version. You can even ad your reactions in the mix by using the front-facing camera on your phone and you can add it in the corner of the video. After you finish recording your gameplay, the app will give you a basic video editing interface you can use to upload your new gameplay video on YouTube. You can also do this on the YouTube Gaming app.   The Play Games update is available on APK Mirror at this link. It is supposed to enable game recording as soon as you install, therefore it is not a server-side change. We are not sure if it does work outside of US and UK in this form either. You can find the app […]

Hangouts v5.1 release brings disappointingly small bug fixes

Hangouts v5.1 started rolling out yesterday and it has just as many new perks as versions 4.0 and 5.0 – which is basically none. This new update will not be action-packed either as is only brings some small bug fixes for the animated GIFs and same old interface. The update is also available on the iOS App Store and the changes are just as minimal.       The changelog mentions little details regarding the update, apart from some improvements in the send button and the interface. The improvements offer no visual impact and they do not affect the overall performance of the app.   Official changelog: Bug fixes and performance improvements Updates to send button User interface and accessibility improvements.   The changes do not look particularly interesting but we can hope that the lag spikes and the bug that prevented new messages from opening a new chat window are fixed.   You can download the APK from Google below; it is a secured file with a cryptographic signature that guarantees is has not been tampered with. If you do not want to wait for the official Hangouts update, you can download and install it yourself.   File name: com.google.android.talk_5.1.105976615-22662802_minAPI21(armeabi-v7a)(nodpi).apk Version: 5.1.105976615 (22662802)

Hush – the free app that puts your smartphone to sleep

Hush may very well be the app to save your battery life cycle and your social life while you are outside with your smart device. You may not need to stop checking Facebook, Instagram or tweeting while partying with friends anymore because this app could help your device really sleep when you are not using it. Battery drain remains one of the worst problems for users and, with the many many apps and games we have today, Android devices are in danger of being sucked into that impossibly short life span of a battery.     What does Hush do?   The app reduces battery drain by 16% simply by letting your smart device sleep when it is supposed to be sleeping. It was created by Purdue University, Intel Corp and Mobile Enerlytics after a themed study took place “in the wild” showing user management of battery and app usage. The research showed that even when your device is in sleep mode, it drains 45.9% of the battery. More than half of that percentage is due to the fact that many apps wake up and run in the background at all times, using your smartphone’s memory and battery in the process. This is not a bad action in itself, but after updating, apps should let devices go back to sleep. In most cases, they don’t.   The solution to this problem is, as researchers say, an app that identifies which apps are not intrinsically useful to the user and it makes them “not wake up” […]

Moto Body on Google Play – sync your smartwatch data with your phone

You have a Moto 360 that takes care of your daily fitness needs? Why not choose Moto Body to go with it? The app made its way to the Google Store and it’s been around since November 2014, but only in smartwatch form. Now you can finally find it on your smartphone too and you can sync data to get more details related to your life, steps and those pesky extra calories.       This fitness app is not exclusive to Motorola devices and you can use it with some other Android devices, the major necessity being Android 4.3 or more as an OS version on the devices. The thing you will absolutely need is the Moto 360, because the Wear component will only install on a 360 smartwatch.   Moto Body uses your smartwatch data and displays everything in detailed graphs paired according to days, weeks, months or even years. The app tracks steps, activity and heart rates, and it will calculate calories burned and distance covered for example. You can compare stats to see trends across various periods of time and you also get the occasional tips and insights, as with all fitness apps.   Moto Body is free on the Google Play store and you can give it a second look below: