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Motrola devices get new Animated Boot Services app for the FIFA World Cup

Motrola updates its boot Services app with a new animation that reminds every one of the FIFA World Cup. The little animation is available on the Google Playstore for free and anyone owning a Motorola device can get it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCHJKIjiLV8 When...

Instagram’s newest update adds Color and Fade tools to further improve your selfies!

Instagram is updating itself more and more these days, making everything easier for the world! Now some more color and fade tools are available on Google Play and you can improve your photos and selfies even more! You’ll have more creative freedom in everything...

Commandr 2.0 update – Google Search to work as it should

Commandr 2.0 update expands beyond its previous limits and expands on Google Now in giving its users the ability to control music and switches via voice commands. The medium command “Note to Self” is no longer needed in commanding the device. Apparently, Commandr...

CyanogenMod support for four LG devices, including LG G3 S

  The CyanogenMod Team keeps expanding its supported device roster by the day. If you have an LG device and the most recent supported version of Android does not please you, you now have an alternative – depending on what device you own, of course.    ...

T Mobile’s Xperia Z1 gets well-deserved update to KitKat

The T Mobile Xperia Z1 is finally getting its update to KitKat! Sony usually forgets about its flagships in the USA and forgets to release updates for them but, after more than half a year, the tides have turned and Android 4.3 can finally say goodbye to the device....

HTC One M9+ leaked in photos – device to launch on the Asian market during April 8th event

It appears that HTC One M9 is not the only device you’ll soon be buying as the One M9+ just leaked in some photos online. The 9+ is, of course, the larger version of HTC’s flagship, and even if it was previously announced, it will only launch on the Asian market...

Nexus 6, Nexus9 and Nexus Player get official factory images on Google Devs page

  The first Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 factory images are finally live and you can find them on Google Devs. The Nexus 6 image is codenamed LRX21O and the third Nexus 9 factory image available has the codename LRX21R.       The Nexus Player is getting its...

Xiaomi ‘s first smartphone made in India, Redmi 2 Prime launched today

Xiaomi has recently launched its first “Made in India” smartphone, the Redmi 2 Prime. The device was manufactured at Xiaomi’s first factory in India, Visakhapatnam.   The new device costs around Rs 6,999 and it represents an upgraded version to the already known...
Tech security

In Todays world tech security is an ever important aspect of our lives, everyone and everything out there is trying to break into your life and steal your information, so How do we stay secure? You can find current best practices and urgent issues in the tech security field on this site.

Sysadmin tutorials

As a practicing sysadmin and a consultant for some very promising companies Across the USA I will post sysadmin tutorials that make my life easier when I am trying to do my job.

Devops tips

Devops is a hot field these days, and keeping on top of the field is a constant struggle. I will post what tips I have figured out over the course of my work life and hopefully make your life easier 🙂

System Administrator news

From HeartBleed, Freak, ShellShock, Poodle, or whatever new clamaity may befall us any day now I will try to keep on top of the latest system administrator news affecting our lives.

Best Devops tools

Tools, scripts, libraries, apps and general tidbits that are there to makes our lives easier, I will be posting about all the best devops tools.

Remove spaces from file names via bash

if you need a simple way to remove spaces from file names and replace with an underscore or a hyphen or whatever else here is a bash one liner. You can also do this via python or perl or most likely via php (why? o.0) but since bash / zsh is here and readily available...

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Linux HP Smart Array Raid Controller

A client has a machine in a DC that has a raid controller and 4 hdd's set to raid 10, that's all I was told. I wanted to keep an eye on the hdds, so I needed to install a utility that can monitor and interact with the raid controller.  In my case I have the hp smart...

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HTC One M10 possibly leaked in new photo

  HTC will not announce their new year flagship during MWC with LG and Samsung, but they are expected to do so in the coming weeks. Way before the official announcement, Evan Blass (@evleaks) managed to snatch a photo of the alleged device and you can see it...

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Ubuntu-powered tablet coming from Spain to launch soon

  We can finally talk about an Ubuntu-powered tablet entering the market. The Canonical software developer has finally started to talk about the device, which will be a modified existing tablet from Spanish manufacturer BQ. The Aquaris M10 tablet will be modified...

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LG G5 to be officially announced at MWC in February

  LG G5 will make its first official appearance at MWC on February 21st. It appears that this is the date when ALL of the 2016 flagships are peeking at us and when we will finally be able to see what we can upgrade to this year. LG confirmed that the device will...

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SwiftKey purchased by Microsoft; the app lives on

  SwiftKey has been officially purchased by Microsoft. As it was speculated yesterday, an imminent purchase of the company responsible for one of the most popular keyboard apps was bound to happen.     Financial details were not disclosed but unofficial...

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