[CES highlights] Prizm will learn your music and stream it when you party with friends!

Don’t you just love it when technology is taking over your life, reading your mind and preferences and taking over whenever you need a hand? Prizm is one of these devices and it will read your musical preferences and state of mind (in a sense) in order to put the best music for the occasion whenever you are home (or wherever you plant one of these babies).       Prism is meant to turn your music listening experience into something completely new and different. It detects the number of people in the room, the ambiance, and it seeks out familiar signals in order to match the music to everyone’s liking. The device learns the music everyone likes and it plays it automatically whenever they – or you – enter a room.   You don’t have to bother too much with setting up the device either. All you have to do is place it somewhere where it can detect Wi-Fi signals. It has a heart touch-sensitive side where you can tap in order to teach it that you like a song and an X you can choose to show it that you don’t like that particular rhythm. The app also presents easily-accessible volume keys.   Steps to take to start Prizm:   plug it with a power cord and plug in speakers open the Prizm app or download the app and start it start playing music   The device will search for the music programs you usually use on your phone or tablet and it […]

Google Play Music Family plans go live in UK, USA, and more

Google Play Music Family plans are here! They will not go live everywhere at first, but at least some of us will be able to test the feature already. The Family Music plan is up for UK, USA, Australia, Germany, France and Canada and it will let account holders share their preferred music with up to five family members. And it all costs $15 a month. Google Play Music Family was announced earlier this year and it has been a pretty popular and hyped notion for many. The Family plan will work on Android, iOS, and the Web version. When you pay for this service, Google will also give you access to YouTube Red (this feature is only available in the US at the moment). The Play Music app has an already updated changelog in the Play store: Google Play Music family plan allows up to six family members to: Access Google Play Music across Android, iOS and the web Listen on their own accounts at the same time Enjoy personalized experiences Note: The Google Play Music family plan can only be purchased on your Android device. The plan is to bring Google Play Music Family plans to more countries in the near future. Give the app a look below if you are eager to share your music with the family.

[Deal of the day] Free blues album from Buddy Guy on Google Play

Are you a fan of blues music? Then you should hurry up and go to the Google Play store where you will find Buddy Guy’s free blues album named Born to play Guitar. This deal will only last through today so you have to hurry up.       This album came out in 2015, but it is just one in the many many albums in this prolific artist’s career. Buddy Guy is 79 years old and he has been making music for a long long time, probably longer than you have lived or even longer than your parents’ lives.   This free blues album has 16 new songs you can download from the source link below. You get over one hour of music and, if you really really like it, you can get more if you pay.   Source: Google play

[Freebie] Imagine Dragons’ Night Vision album free on Google Play

Imagine Dragons’ Night Vision album is now available for free on Google Play Music. The deal is up only today and only in the US. The IT band of the moment is giving its album for free today only, as you can get their Night Vision experience for free.       Among the titles that will enchant your ears are Radioactive, On top of the world, Demons, It’s time,  Amsterdam and Underdog. Don’t waste any time and head over to Google Play where you will find today’s freebie! Hurry up, time’s gonna be up soon!   Source: Google Play

YouTube Music Key rolling out to Play Music All Access subscribers only

YouTube Music Key is rolling out today, and only All Access subscribers are getting it. The app presents offline playback from YouTube at 360p or 720p, ad-free music videos and background playback. If you subscribed and have the app on your mobile, you can use it on the web as well.   The rollout is limited to Play Music All Access subscribers, even those who didn’t subscribe to the app specifically. An expanded rollout to those who subscribed for YouTube Music Key could follow in a few days.   Source: AndroidPolice

Google YouTube Music Key announced – offline viewing, full albums and more with a monthly subscription

Google YouTube Music Key is happening and it does not look half bad! The bad side is it will not be free. The feature will cost $7.99 a month at first but, in time, it appears the sub price will increase to $9.99.   It includes full albums and soundtracks, offline viewing and it seems to be free of ads. It appears that the subscription offers unlimited access to Google Plat Music All Access. Current All Access subscribers will be getting the Music Key as well, so if you’re already subscribed to it, you’ll get them both.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMQxeb5ERps   At the moment, anyone can sign up for Music Key, as it is still in limited beta. You can sign your name on the list by following the link HERE. Sometime in the next few days, we are sure we will see the Music Key roll out on the Google Play Store. Source: YouTube Blog