Ultimate server app for Android

Got an android tablet or phone you aren’t using? or are using but feel it can serve other purposes while not doing whatever you are forcing it to do against its will? well check Ultimate server app, a *FREE* app out that turns your android device into a server type of your choice!


– Add a Dynamic DNS Updater using the local or public IP of your device
– Start/Stop servers automatically when connected/disconnected from a specified WIFI network, or on boot, or directly when the app starts
– Set a custom name and port per server
– No rooted device is needed
– Set a WIFI lock, keep the device alive and/or keep the device fully awake (including the screen)
– Optionally save all the server data to the sdcard to prevent removal during upgrades
– View all IP addresses of your device, including the public IP
– Automatically email and clear the log when the maximum amount is reached
– Verbose log (filter, email, etc)

Linux shell

Mount as a local folder on ubuntu as webdav

Whats WebDav: Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) is an extension of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) that facilitates collaboration between users in editing and managing documents and files stored on World Wide Web servers.
Whats [.net]: is cloud-storage service like Dropbox, SugarSync and google drive. After uploading your various documents, media files, and the like, you can easily access them online, share them with others, stream media to a mobile device, and so on. An awesome feature that comes with using on an android device is that you get 50GB of free space. Sadly per file size limit is a very low of 100MB 🙁 However you can enjoy as a local folder on your computer whether you use windows or linux. I just mounted it as a local folder on my Ubuntu 12.04 desktop and 11.10 Server and heres the simple steps to follow :

install davfs:

sudo apt-get install davfs2

make a directory where you will be mounting the box folder. I am using a folder called box under the home directory of a user called homer

mkdir /home/homer/box

mount the folder. after using this command just insert username/password when prompted.

sudo mount -t davfs /home/homer/box

add your credentials to /etc/davfs2/secrets

sudo nano /etc/davfs2/secrets

insert the following, just replace your username/pass in the proper spot.: username password”

now you also have access to dav:// as a location in your file explorer.