Debian package management speed ups

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Debian is a Linux distro that’s used by millions of machines all over the planet.

No one likes to sit around waiting for slow mirrors while updating multiple packages but its a fact of life usually. In debian it means typing apt-get update and sitting around for a while, then doing the actual install or upgrade and getting some coffee. what if you could speed the process along somewhat? well now just like we showed you how to speed up apt downloads for ubuntu you can speed up the apt speeds for Debian! This way you can focus more on clashing some clans or something…. whatever you do in your free time that is.


In comes httpredir, “It uses the geographic and network location of the user and the mirrors, the architecture of the requested files, IP address family, the availability and freshness of the mirrors, and a few other things” to find the closest and fastest mirror of data for you. This gives you the quickest way to get your files without resorting to new tools or alternate package managers. This is already there for Jessie ( debian 8 ) so no need to edit that, but for everyone else on older releases this will bring wonderful speedups.

setting up httpredir is simple :

edit your /etc/apt/soucres.list

deb sid main
deb-src sid main

replace with

deb sid main
deb-src sid main

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