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Flashtool utility update available to all Xperia devices

Flashtool is a necessity for Sony Xperia device owners who like to tinker and bake their devices. This utility was made by “Androxyde” and it is used when you want to flash any kind of firmware on your Xperia device. Now it has been updated and it supports all Xperia devices as a result.





This new version combines old flashing methods with no script with the new method by asking the utility to automatically look for the existence of a script. If it does not detect any Flashtool script, it will recur to defaulting the old method and it will support old and new Xperia smartphones.





Flashtool is preferred by Sony users because of its versatility. Sony’s own flashing utility will allow you to easily upgrade the firmware while the tool itself will let you upgrade to the version you like best. Just in case you have an unlockable bootloader, you can use the unlocker you will find within this utility.


You can find the Flashtool utility download links on the developer’s official website. You should use the newest version, but keep an eye out for the specific instructions from the source link as things may get a little messy after installing.


Source: Xperia Blog

Linux shell

Screen start issues

Screen is a tool that allows users to resume a session after they have disconnected. Screen prevents a session from “timing out” or disconnecting SSH connections or local terminal emulators. A single Screen session has the ability to host multiple sessions or “windows.”

I just spun up a new ubuntu 12.04 VPS and installed some basics, I needed to use the screen utility but for some reason i was having issues with screen starting up. well it seems screen didn’t create the socket storage directory and kept giving me this error :

Cannot make directory ‘/var/run/screen’: Permission denied

It’s a very simple fix :

  • sudo mkdir /var/run/screen
  • sudo chmod 775 /var/run/screen
  • sudo chgrp utmp /var/run/screen