graphviz dot command not found

Recently I was trying to run doxygen on a new machine and got this error :

After some googling I realized I was missing graphviz dot, so a simple yum install graphviz fixed it right up. Refhat, centos, rhel

Debian, Ubuntu, Mint etc

This will install graphviz dot and get rid of […]

Repair & Optimize all Mysql Databases one liner

Mysql tuner telling you to optimize your tables? or you just happen to be bored? Mysql optimize Reorganizes the physical storage of table data and associated index data, to reduce storage space and improve I/O efficiency when accessing the table. The exact changes made to each table depend on the storage engine used by that […]

Remove all old installed but unused kernels

I just noticed I had 8 kernels installed on a machine. dont need but one…. so I rebooted to make sure I was using the newest, and removed all the old ones via these simple commands :   Ubuntu / Debian / dpkg / Apt:

Thats a one liner, so just copy paste the […]