Instagram update to finally bring multiple account feature to Android

Instagram has been flirting with multiple account support and now that is finally starting to become real to more and more users. A while back, the app got multiple account support for some users, but it was rapidly removed. Now the feature is back and it is here to stay.       Instagram announced today via a post that the new feature is officially in full effect. In order to get it, you will need the v7.15 update. The multiple account feature is beautifully involved into the app. You are able to add a new account from the settings menu and in order to switch between existing accounts all you have to do is tap the drop-down menu on your profile page. Your profile photo will appear throughout the app so that you know which account you are using at any given time. This change will basically make your life easier by letting you switch between a personal and a professional account at any given time.   You can download the Instagram app from the Google Play Store widget below. Will this new feature help you in any way? Let us know in the comment section below!      

SwiftKey purchased by Microsoft; the app lives on

SwiftKey has been officially purchased by Microsoft. As it was speculated yesterday, an imminent purchase of the company responsible for one of the most popular keyboard apps was bound to happen.     Financial details were not disclosed but unofficial reports suggest the purchase was somewhere around $250 million. The deal itself is pretty much closed shut, but SwiftKey’s co-founders mentioned that the keyboard app will continue to be developed for iOS and Android.   Microsoft officials confirm that Swiftkey will continue to get updates. The union will help Microsoft’s own Word Flow improve and it may even help in developing intelligent systems for the tech monolith.   This acquisition lines in with Microsoft’s desire to grab the most influential and talented developers on the market. We will have ton wait and see how things work in the future.       Source: AndroidPolice  

FlashFire tool updated: support for Android 6.0 and OTA flashing support added

FlashFire was updated with Android 6.0 and OTA flashing support today. The flashing tool made by XDA dev Chainfire is used for flashing custom ROMs and kernels without having to go to recovery during the procedure.     FlashFire has been updated to version v0.26 and it just became compatible with Marshmallow. The update also brings the ability to flash OTAs on Android 6.0.   With the update, Nexus users in Android 6.0 who are using SuperSU will be able to install OTA updates with the use of the tool when SuperSU is used in the default systemless mode with unmodified kernels, /system or /vendor. When an OTA will arrive on your device you can download it and then open FlashFire, which will in turn detect the downloaded update and it will generate actions. The flash option will let you install the OTA on rooted systems and root again. This should make rooting after an over-the-air update much easier.   FlashFire’s update improves flashing full firmwares and it gets more support for additional partitions and archive formats. Chainfire does make a warning though: you should not flash Samsung’s 6.0 beta firmware. Since this is an update to a beta app, you should expect things to go sideways here and there. Users should make backups before using the tool in order to keep their data safe.   You can download the app via the Google Beta system or from Chainfire’s private server. For more info, check the XDA forums in the source link below.   Source: XDA, […]

Cortana app gets update with quick homescreen widget and better load time

Cortana has been around for Android devices for about two months now and soon after its launch it received an update where the “Hey Cortana” hotword was removed in order to avoid conflicts with Google’s own “OK Google” trigger. The hotword is still available on CyanogenOS though.       The new update to version 1.4.0 brings about a homescreen widget that would make the app easier to use in a rush. You get a big ASK Cortana button that will launch a voice search immediately, a button for reminders and a list of upcoming events and reminders.   Cortana update 1.4.0 changelog:   new widget for quick launching Cortana and set reminders reduced app load time better loading experience for low speed and unstable network conditions more stable voice interactions.   Cortana app is free but it is limited to the US and China at the moment. If you are in one of the two areas and you want to try the app, you can do so via the widget below:      

WiFi Camera – make your phone a live feed source via IP anytime!

You need a cheap solution to supervise your home, a baby monitor or a mini live streaming setup you don’t have to pay a lot for? You can now try WiFi Camera on your smartphone. This free app can be found on the Google Play Store and all you need for it to work is a compatible phone and a router.       This app allows your Android phone to become a WiFi-based IP camera. There is no difficult setup to go through, all you have to do is download and install the app on the phone you want to use as a camera, then you leave it wherever you want or you simply use it. You will be able to see and hear the phone’s video and audio feed on your PC or tablet if they are on the same network or on the same internet provider feed.   In order to get live feed from your phone to the PC, you will need to get the phone IP and you can log into the router network and the phone’s live feed. This will help you supervise your home while you are away for example, and you wouldn’t have to spend that much money on a surveillance camera. It works very well as a baby monitor as well; you can spend time down stairs while you can check up on your baby via WiFi feed. It can also work as a secret camera you can use to check up on other members of […]

#YouTubeRewind 2015 is here with more Youtubers, more catchy-ness and a live Trending tab!

#YouTubeRewind is released and amassing millions of views per day now, and we can enjoy more of the viral and trending videos starting today with the release of the trending video tab! Another year has passed and the YouTube team responsible with creating an original mash-up of all the important Internet-ty things that happened in 2015 has once again released a great video. Some famous YouTubers from all over the world, some catchy or super-annoying songs and the reinterpretation of some viral memes later and we have a video rewind celebrating 10 years of YouTube! But that is not all! YouTube finally made the fourth tab official. This is an illusive feature some users have accidentally experienced this year, after the big overhaul of the mobile app. Now everyone can enjoy it. The Trending tab is responsible with listing the hottest things posted to the media platform on a daily basis. In the meantime, you can also check this year’s YouTube Rewind: Now Watch Me 2015: The trending tab can be found on the mobile app but you can also spot it on the web version. This feature also allows users to check out YouTube 2015 rewind content, which encompasses a collection of some of the most popular videos launched this year on the site. This change should be live on everyone’s app and web page by now. Source: YouTube Blog