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New ZeroLemon battery cases available for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus

Do you like fat, ugly and rugged battery cases? Neither do we, but hey, they increase the amount of time we spend with our devices before we must relinquish them to a charger! ZeroLemon is known for making such external battery cases and this time the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus are the ones that will be able to be adorned with such accessories.




Samsung’s flagship devices are thus getting 8500 mAh battery cases which would make the devices last three times longer than with their regular 3000 mAh batteries (in addition to their own run time). Some energy will be lost however, since external battery systems usually present some level of electrical inefficiency.


The cases include the usual cutouts and tabs for your essential smartphone functions and you also get a pass-through charging port that supports Qualcomm Quick Charging 2.0 only available for the phone battery. The cases also present a LED charge indicator and a power button. You can charge other devices from the external battery as well.


Both cases triple the thickness of the devices, bringing them to a measure of 21.1mm. But that is a concession you must make if you want your Samsung device to last “forever” in terms of battery life. The cases cost $59.99 each and you can purchase them from Amazon. Whether this is a price you are willing to pay for a tripling of your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or S6 Edge Plus battery life, it is up to you.


Source: Amazon (Note 5), (S6 Edge Plus)


Accessories News

ZeroLemon 9000 mAh external battery for LG G3 sells for $59.99 on Amazon

ZeroLemon returns with a new external battery for another device. This time we’re talking about LG G3 which will receive a grungy case with a 9000 mAh battery that costs only $60! The boost should increase the smartphone’s duration three times to the current autonomy!

Considering the fact that the accessory is much bigger than the original battery, it is sold in a rear cover that looks more like an Otterbox case than anything else. The battery even includes a sort of a protection case which provides cutouts for the flash, rear camera, the laser focus module and the power and volume buttons in the back.

The cover is pretty big and bulks the device even more than it already is at its 5.5” screen, making it twice as thick and adding one centimeter on each side and at the top and bottom as well.

The extended battery is sold on Amazon for $59.99 and the package includes a belt clip and a free screen protector. The battery has a 6 month warranty and is not included in the free shipping Prime program, but all you have to pay is an additional 69 cents for standard shipping.

Source: Amazon

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