New Android ad on YouTube – you too are a unique fingerprint in the world

A new Android ad popped up on YouTube today, and it looks pretty funny and mysterious if you ask me. The premise of this clip is that everyone in the world is uniquely wonderful – exactly like fingerprints. The ad shows lots of finger people being their colorful and funny selves while coming together to have lots and lots of fun.     It’s a fun nice adorable Android ad, but we don’t have a clear reason for it yet. There is no hint behind it apart from the Android logo at the end. What could it be? A fingerprint sensor for a new device maybe? We shall see. Don’t be surprised if you see this ad – truncated or not – on TV, because it could have a nice pull. It is uploaded only on YouTube at the moment.   Source: YouTube  

Google Play Games gets gameplay recording feature

Google Play Games is one of the best and most popular apps on the store with well over 1 billion downloads. Now the app got an update with something really interesting: you will be able to record gameplays on your mobile device!       What this update allows you to do is record your Android games and you can later upload them on YouTube via the Play Games app. The bad part is that this is only available in the UK and US for the time being.   How does gameplay recording work on Google Play Games?   In order to begin recording a game, you have to find it in the Play games app and you will get a record button you can press. Your video will be encoded in 480p or 720p version. You can even ad your reactions in the mix by using the front-facing camera on your phone and you can add it in the corner of the video. After you finish recording your gameplay, the app will give you a basic video editing interface you can use to upload your new gameplay video on YouTube. You can also do this on the YouTube Gaming app.   The Play Games update is available on APK Mirror at this link. It is supposed to enable game recording as soon as you install, therefore it is not a server-side change. We are not sure if it does work outside of US and UK in this form either. You can find the app […]

YouTube Red – the final YouTube experience you ever needed

YouTube Red is finally upon us and a new life without ads has finally become a reality. Well, technically, the service goes live on October 28th, but we already know all the details. When you agree to a $9.99 monthly fee you will never have to see another ad on YouTube again; plus you get other nice perks to go with it.       Why is YouTube Red special?   This feature will stop streaming ads on ALL videos, including offline and playback viewing. Users who agree to this option will no longer see any banners, pre or mid-roll ads or text overlay ads on the videos they see. When it comes to embedded promotions on a channel the situation is different, as Google doesn’t have anything to do with them, meaning you will still see those. This feature will be available everywhere you log into your account to watch videos. This comes along with a new YouTube Music app that is siphoning some nice stuff for the Red.     What is most interesting and helpful about YouTube Red is the fact that it is linked with Play Music. If you pay a monthly Red subscription, you also get unlimited Play Music streaming and if you are already subscribed to Play Music you also get Red for free. This allows you to pay $10 for both apps in their subscription mode, which is a decent deal from Google.   It all starts in the US on October 28th, when new users […]

YouTube Gaming launches tomorrow! Twitch’s competitor goes live

YouTube Gaming is getting launched in just a few hours. Google has been testing its newest service for months now and it appears that it is keeping its word of launching it sometime in 2015. This is supposed to be a Twitch competitor after all. All regions that have access to YouTube will have access to the streaming feature.       This service is one of the first serious competitors to Amazon-owned hit Twitch. Google wanted to buy the original service, but that deal fell through and Amazon swooped in and got it for themselves.   YouTube Gaming could change the face of streaming because it will allow users to store their sessions indefinitely, which cannot be said by Twitch, where streams get deleted after some time. Some Twitch streamers even upload their sessions to YouTube for archival purposes and post-viewing. This could make things much easier for them, depending on how things go.   The Gaming service will be available worldwide but the mobile apps will be available in the US and UK at first. The Android app will go live tomorrow.   Source: AndroidPolice

HTC RE camera to get YouTube live streaming support starting tomorrow

HTC has announced the YouTube live streaming service for the RE camera today. The little tube-shaped camera from HTC is getting a new trick today, and tomorrow’s update to the little booger will add some brand new YouTube live streaming support. All you will have to do is sign it and hit the streaming button to get yourself started.     The HTC camera is basically a phone peripheral that is used to send video to a connected phone that in turn streams it on YouTube. The camera also has a microSD card slot for storing video on the spot. The app also allows people to share the link of their live channel feed to other similar services. The accessory sold by HTC has a pretty burning price tag of $200 and most people will not be needing it, but just in case you do, know that you can totally life stream with it now. Source:  Newswire

YouTube Music Key rolling out to Play Music All Access subscribers only

YouTube Music Key is rolling out today, and only All Access subscribers are getting it. The app presents offline playback from YouTube at 360p or 720p, ad-free music videos and background playback. If you subscribed and have the app on your mobile, you can use it on the web as well.   The rollout is limited to Play Music All Access subscribers, even those who didn’t subscribe to the app specifically. An expanded rollout to those who subscribed for YouTube Music Key could follow in a few days.   Source: AndroidPolice