5 Apps for Women – what are your favorite Android apps?

We all have smartphones that we cherish in this day and age and we keep trying to keep ourselves entertained, be it via social media or through apps and games. We try them all, we keep what we like and toss away those pesky in-app purchase apps when they start to bug us too much. […]

Micromax launches YUphoria – Cyanogen OS mid-range smartphone – and fitness trackers YUFit and HealthYU

A new mid-range Cyanogen OS phone will soon start selling in India, and it is named YUphoria. Why this name, you ask? Because the device shares the same line with YUreka, another device already on the Hindu market.       Micromax is Cyanogen Inc’s exclusive partner in India, and it is responsible for the […]

Microsoft Health update: track calories and steps without the Band, auto-detect Sleeping and more

Microsoft Health can now be used without the band! Last year, Microsoft launched its own fitness tracker band with a companion app that you can now use as is! The company has updated the app to be able to track steps and calories without requiring the actual band because it uses your phone’s motion sensors. […]

Ghostery – the privacy browser that keeps ad networks and trackers at bay

Ghostery is just the piece of software you need to keep you safe on the internet. Usually, when you browse, buy and click, you share some of your information on ad networks, be it through Facebook, Google or other social media and click-bait links, because everyone is looking for your activity and ways to get […]

Smartband Talk SWR30 gets new companion app plus four brand new extensions on Google Playstore

If you were looking for some new Sony smartband apps, you’re in luck as the Google Playstore has just been flooded with a few free applications. Smartband Talk SWR30 got a new activity tracker today and it appears to come equipped with a small e-ink display. The smartband is a revamp of last year’s SWR10 […]