New rumors concerning HTC One M9 launch in March paired with a smartwatch

It’s almost known fact at the moment that HTC is ready to launch its next flagship as soon as March, and everyone is eager to actually see the new device. Bloomberg is just one of the media portals announcing that it is in fact HTC One M9 the product that will make an appearance at the special event held by HTC on March 1st. It is possible that HTC is creating massive press for this rumored device in order to get more profit on the long run.




The One M9 is supposedly having a 20 MP camera paired with an Ultrapixel sensor for the front snapper. It is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 and there is word of enhanced audio experience from Dolby, which replaces Beats own by Apple now.

That is not all, as there is also a rumor saying that the new flagship will be joined by a smartwatch to match as well. The device doesn’t have any details out yet, except for the fact that it may have a tie-in with Under Armor fitness service.

The HTC event announcement and invitation for March 1st just became much more interested than usual.

Source: Bloomberg

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HTC rumored to work on its own Android Wear smartwatch

A few days after Apple launched its new and bright Apple Watch, HTC decides to keep track of its late project: the Toq-like smartwatch. It appears that HTC is still working on its own wearable device and it will be unveiled sometime in early 2015, sources say. The Taiwanese company is apparently working on a distinguishable device in terms of looks and functionality.

HTC would push its device on a heating market where Samsung already has six devices and Apple finally released its first such wearable. LG and Motorola are attacking the market with their own new portables, yet none stood out so far.

HTC Smartwatch rendered image, EVLeaks
HTC Smartwatch rendered image, EVLeaks


The wearable niche market is struggling to find a leader at the moment and, considering HTC is always finding innovative ways of transforming its devices into successes, a Wear device may just well be the next best thing!

Even if all tech companies are trying to push wearables, the sales are pretty low. Less than 1 percent of consumers in Europe, US, China, Australia and Japan own a smartwatch. 51% of the bunch prefers Samsung wearable, whereas 17% uses Sony and 6% chooses Peble wearables.

HTC is said to be working on a Toq-like device which could prove to be less than a success on the Android Wear-able market where every player is trying to make a better and faster wearable. It is possible HTC scrapped its initial plan and is now working on an Android Wear device as well, since all of this info is based on rumors. The Taiwanese have a press event in New York on Oct. 8 and we might find out more about a HTC wearable then, even if chances are slim, according to sources.

Source: Cnet


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