Instagram update to finally bring multiple account feature to Android

Instagram has been flirting with multiple account support and now that is finally starting to become real to more and more users. A while back, the app got multiple account support for some users, but it was rapidly removed. Now the feature is back and it is here to stay.       Instagram announced today via a post that the new feature is officially in full effect. In order to get it, you will need the v7.15 update. The multiple account feature is beautifully involved into the app. You are able to add a new account from the settings menu and in order to switch between existing accounts all you have to do is tap the drop-down menu on your profile page. Your profile photo will appear throughout the app so that you know which account you are using at any given time. This change will basically make your life easier by letting you switch between a personal and a professional account at any given time.   You can download the Instagram app from the Google Play Store widget below. Will this new feature help you in any way? Let us know in the comment section below!      

Google Photos storage recovery is live! Time to compress some photos, folks!

Google Photos storage recovery became a thing today, along with the significant visual changes of Google +, and people are already enjoying it! The feature is now ready to give you the option of downgrading your photos from maximum quality to high quality in order to save some space on your mobile device.     Your original photos will get downsized to high quality to a maximum of 16MP and they will allow you to retain more storage space on your Google storage without you having to delete anything. Moreover, when you do downgrade the quality of your photos, you won’t see much of a quality change in your memories.   The process of downgrading the photos in your Google Photos storage is pretty simple: click on the Recover Storage agree to Compress agree again compression starts.   Keep in mind that, when you agree to Compress, it will compress all the photos you have on all of Google’s services.   Depending on how many photos you have, the compression process can take up to an hour according to Google Photos. Everything is done server-side, which means your device will not be actively affected. Now go reclaim some of that Google storage!   Source: Google

Light L16 – unique Android camera with 16 different lenses!

How do you feel about Android-powered cameras? They are not totally new on the market, since Samsung has already released one or two of these devices on the noche market, to limited success however. The new camera from Light has hopes of being different. Light L16 is a powerful little camera that packs 16 different lenses that will work together to give you the perfect shot!       This point and click camera uses five of the lenses with a focal length of 70mm, five are at 35mm and the remaining six run at 150mm. This puts the device at a changeable optical zoom between 32mm – 150mm.   Why is Light L16 special?   The camera uses more lenses to capture a photo at different focal lengths and then the Android software will fuse the pictures together to form an image of up to 52MP. The multiple focal lengths also let users alter image depth of field. It can also capture video at 4K.   Light L16 has a 5-inch touchscreen that can be used as a control device when you edit photos. The only physical button you have to deal with is the shutter. The device also supports WiFi, meaning you will be able to use your photos and share them immediately after taking them. The physical body of the device is similar in shape and form to that of a Nexus 6 (159.3mm long, 83mm wide, 20mm thick).       The Android-powered Light L16 camera costs $1,699 regularly, but you […]

Boomerang from Instagram – for when you make GIFs for Insta!

GIFs are common knowledge right now, but that does not mean they are available on every social media platform out there. Enter Boomerang from Instagram, a companion app for the Instagram platform that should redefine the meaning of GIFs.     What are GIFs?   Google’s automatic stringing of similar looking photos into one small video-like file are exported as a GIF. For Apple they’re named Live Photos and now, for Instagram and Facebook, they will become Boomerangs.     Why is Boomerang better?   Boomerang from Instagram comes a few good months after Layout, another release aimed at giving users a way to change their photos the same way they alter them on Instagram itself. This new semi-video app lets users shoot ten photos with one single press of a button that are then transformed into a mini video that you can later post on Insta or Facebook. You can also export your video-like GIFs to other apps by using the share menu as well.   If you are intrigued, you can give the app a look below. Who knows, maybe in the near future we will replace those everyday selfies with everyday GIFs!

Nexus smartphones for 2015 from Huawei and LG leak again!

The rumors and leaks for the new Nexus smartphones have been many, but none can exceed the awesomeness level of the render of the Huawei Nexus and the photo of the LG Nexus that appeared on the Internet. After some incipient renders were leaked last week, new documents seem to hit the Internet, which can only mean that the devices will be announced soon. The premium Huawei Nexus device showed in a render below is coming from USwitch. It appears that the device will be clad in a metallic body with a bulging top side where the rear camera is. For reference, the LG device presents a camera in the middle of the top side. These Nexus smartphones are quite different, at least when it comes to their looks. Minuscule protruding glass panels at the top and bottom are also said to exist on the device. The rear camera has a dual-LED flash module but there is no autofocus sensor in sight. The fingerprint sensor is shaped like a circle in the middle of the back. LG Nexus 2015 has the same fingerprint sensor on the back, as seen in the below photo leaked by Marques Brownlee. The leaked device is a white-colored smartphone with a protruding camera on the back with a dual-LED flash and laser autofocus. There is also a Nexus logo presented on the back of the device, same as with previous models. Possible specs for the Nexus smartphones? Some of the leaked specs of the new Nexus Devices present interesting tech […]

[App of the day] Pounce – ID products and get similar ones online via photos

The future is always closer to us than we imagine and if you thought that reading barcodes with your phone was revolutionary, prepare to be amazed once more with Pounce!     You don’t need to search online for things while you are shopping and you won’t have to check those barcodes no more, because this app is bound to help you identify products from simple photos, in just a few moments! This will allow you to find similar things in an instant.   It’s easy, you pull the app, take a photo of something and you get results. It works rather well and even if it may not figure out some things’ brands, it does describe them particularly well. It works fast and accurately and it’s free! You can test it some more to see if you are OK with it, but for a free app that can actually prove to be pretty useful, you’re in for a bargain!