[The rumor mill] HTC Perfume M10 possible specs leaked online

HTC may not have had the best 2015, but things can change if they manage to pull out a great flagship this year. HTC Perfume M10 could be that success… if luck is on the OEM’s side. Rumors are starting to spread on the Interwebz, and some say that Perfume is M10, the 2016 flagship for HTC. It should have the best specs ever seen into a phone made by the manufacturer.





According to @evleaks, AKA Evan Blass, HTC will have the same AMOLED display it has been sporting on the A9. The display will be 5.1-inch large and it will have 1440p resolution. On the inside you could find a Snapdragon 820, 4GB of RAM, plus 32GB of storage. HTC is rumored to return to its UltraPixel sensor on the rear camera, but its resolution will be boosted to 12MP.


HTC M10 should have a fingerprint sensor as well, and it will be settled on the front of the device. When it comes to the OS, M10 should launch with Android 6.0.1 with Sense 8 UI, making it available for fingerprint support from the OS as well. One interesting change is the lack of Boomsound speakers. That’s all for the leaks and rumors so far. HTC is expected to drop some new info regarding their new devices sometime this spring.


Source: AndroidPolice



BlackBerry Priv available in India at the end of the month

BlackBerry Priv is available on the Indian market starting today. It is already available in North America, in some European countries and a few Asian nations. Now, you can add India to the list. The phone will be available for purchase starting January 30th.





If you are looking to buy the phone in India, you should know that you will be paying 62,990 INR (that’s around $900, ouch!). No news on where exactly the device will be available. As we all know, India is a large country, but soon we will find out which stores are selling the device.


Source: Inside BlackBerry


Deals News

Samsung deals: buy a flagship get $350 worth of gifts!

Samsung really really wants you to buy a new Galaxy smartphone and it will even give you presents if you do take the leap. If you want to get one of their new devices in the next 16 days, you will also get $50 in cash plus $350 worth of accessories.


Samsung deal


There’s more! If you have an iPhone device you want to trade-in you will also get $100 in Google Play credits for it. This deal is available starting today through November 22nd and it is exclusive to buying a Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Note 5 or S6 Edge+.


The $350 gifts have two different packages you can choose from and each of them has its own name. The first one is a Swarovski crystal jewelry gift package that gives you a Samsung-branded fast charge portable battery park, a Swarovski crystal phone cover and a wireless charging pad. The second package, Level One gift package, gives you the battery pack and charging pad but it changes the Swarovski cover for Level On headphones. In order to get the$50 cash prize, you have to activate the Samsung Pay mobile system on your new phone.


If you don’t love Samsung’s own promo, you can go to Sprint and take a look there! They have their own deal where if you buy one of Samsung’s four flagship devices you can get a year of Amazon Prime, regardless of how you choose to pay for the device.


This is a deal that works until Black Friday, which could mean that Samsung may be working on something even more extravagant for that weekend!


Source: Samsung via The Verge


Microsoft display dock announced – connect your phone to a desktop!

The Microsoft display dock was announced yesterday and it appears that your mobile gadget world may become easier to manage. The Continuum dock, as the device was first named, is a hardware adapter that will let you use your smartphone as a desktop Windows PC complete with peripherals such as keyboards, mice and a huge desktop if you want.



Windows display dock

The new Microsoft display dock has three USB ports, including a USB Type-C one, and HDMI and a DisplayPort. You can use a USB drive with it if you want. The Continuum dock looks just like a Windows 10 PC software-wise, and it has a tweaked task-bar plus a signal bar at the top where you can also check your battery and time info.

Source: the Verge


LG Class unveiled today – mid-range full-metal smartphone for all

LG Class showed its official face today and it looks and feels just like the mid-range smartphone it is. It was teased last week and now it was apparently time to release it into the world. The Class has a full-metal design and it presents itself as a true mid-range device with a premium finish.


LG Class


Under the hood, LG Class hides a quad-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon 410 processor paired with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage plus a microSD slot. Everything is hidden under a 5-inch full HD display. The device will come with Android 5.1 straight out of the box and it is powered by a 2050 mAh battery. Connectivity options include NFC, GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi, of course.


The main rear camera is a 13MP sensor with auto- focus and flash and the front camera has a 8MP sensor. The overall design is similar to previous LG models, with power and volume rockers on the back of the device, under the camera.


LG Class is already available in South Korea for the price of 399,300 won – that’s around $340 – and you will be able to choose it in White, Silver, Gold, and Blue Black.

Source: IBNLive


Sony Xperia Z5 details and photos leak ahead of official launch

Sony Xperia Z5 leaked again in some new tweets and photos. Its imminent launch is closer by the day and it appears that we may get three models instead of just one: Z5, Z5 Compact and Z5 Premium/Plus. The devices should stick to the original Sony brand design which is comprised of squares and metal rails plus glass. It may not be the bestest design right now, but it still retains its charm.


Specs and speculation

The new Sony Xperia Z5 will sport a 23 MP rear camera sensor, if we are to believe rumors, and it appears that the power button on the side will also include a fingerprint scanner.


Xperia-Z5-Press_2-640x451 Xperia-Z5-Press_3-640x451


Other details separate the three different Z5 versions by specs:


xperia Z5 specs


The original Xperia Z5 should have a 5.2 inch screen with 1080p FHD resolution whereas the Compact version will sport a smaller (4.6 inch) screen at 720p resolution.

The Premium Z5 should have the biggest screen of all at 5.5 inches with an Ultra-HD 4K display. The last one could be meant to use with the Google Cardboard for VR.

We are not sure how well this pixel density will perform on a mobile device, but we will find out at IFA in Berlin in two days time, when the Sony event takes place.

Photo source: Xperiablog

source: TheVerge