Alphabet company goes live: Google reorganisation is official

Google is officially Alphabet starting today. Google Inc. completed the reorganizational move today and the stocks were part of it as they began to be traded as Alphabet on the Nasdaq. Each share of Google will be converted into Alphabet stock starting today.





The Mountain View, California-based company mentioned that it would create a new company with the aim of overseeing various projects and businesses that could change the world and that differ from the regular Internet-oriented portfolios that Google has been overseeing so far. These new possibilities include self-driving cars and ways to prolong human life.


Changing into Alphabet means that different divisions of Google will now have more independence. Nest takes care of internet-connected home appliances and Calico is researching ways to improve human life and health research.


A result of this reorganisation is the fact that the company will start to report its financial results by segments and not by cumulative results.


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Alphabet bought Google! Who owns the company that now owns Google?

Google has officially become a subsidiary of Alphabet. This may sound as an incredible deal but wait until you find out what Alphabet really means. Google just evolved into an umbrella-corporation that has bought itself, among other important projects. Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin will still hold the reins of the new conglomerate as CEO and president while Google the subsidiary will be run by Sundar Pichai.


Alphabet mock page



As CEO and president of Alphabet, Page and Brin will supervise their affiliate companies, including Google, and different projects such as Calico (a life-extension project) and Wing (a drone delivery system). Google’s own early-stage funding operations titled Ventures and Capital will have their own organizational structures involving CEOs and leadership, but Pichai and Google are still in charge of the original apps, ads, maps, YouTube, Android and the Play Store.


A recent blog post gave us a vague idea on what companies will be sharing Alphabet’s watchful eye and a placeholder site is up as well ( The gist of the situation is that every letter of the alphabet has a project or company attached to it. There are some letters that have not been assigned yet and we do not know where all of Google/Alphabet’s existing projects and pieces will fall.


Here is Alphabet’s ABC so far:


  • Alphabet – the parent company
  • B – possibly Boston Dynamics
  • Calico (longevity project)
  • Capital (investment)
  • Fiber
  • Google
  • Hooli
  • Life Sciences (glucose-sensing contact lens)
  • Nest
  • Ventures (investment)
  • X lab ( Wing – the drone delivery system).


Sundar Pichai, the former Chrome OS and Android chief officer, is now brought to a more preeminent position where he has more of a decisional pull than ever. This news kind of broke the Internet – or at least the tech-y site of it – earlier today because the announcement came from left field, but it seems that something has been changing from within Google for a while now.


The two founders have shown interest for more and more ambitious projects they either launched through Google X or different funding programs. Alphabet becomes the formalization of this “division” as it separates Google from everything new and ambitious that in the past may have meant a distraction, at least in the eyes of the media and public. It appears that the new divisions opening up are going to only increase the focus on Google’s products and future opportunities that may change the future.


Source: The Verge


Google Glass is history – its spirit lives on in new Nest team program

Google Glass was last year’s wonder gadget along with other new toys, but its life was very short. The Glass Explorer Program was graduated a few weeks back from its experimental X labs, but it appears that the graduation was in fact a kill or a transcending of sorts. More than one person asked themselves if this really meant progression or the end for the ambitious glasswear. It appears that the Glass as we know it is really dead, but its spirit lives on and the project is on the verge of transformation.


Google glass


Glass is now under the control of Nest team leader Tony Fadell who will not recur to public experimentation. It appears that Google Glass became a public phenomenon because of Google co-founder Sergey Brin, who lobbied for the project to be tested by the public via the Explorer program even if the developing team knew it was not ready yet.

Nest’s team is now in charge and it appears that its leader will not be testing the new device with the help of the public. Fadell is starting over with the project and there will be no Explorer program this time, meaning that Google Glass will be made public only when it will be complete.

Source: New York Times via AndroidPolice

Apps News

[CES 2015] Nest thermostat to be compatible with Insteon, Whirlpool and others

Google’s Nest thermostat is now compatible with more product brands, including Whirlpool, Philips Hue and Insteon. The news came at the CES2015 held in Las Vegas this week, where the intelligent thermostat that can connect to your phone and adjust the temperature based on your needs was shown learning to play along with more smart appliances you can find around your house.




Nest can integrate with Kwikset Kevo and it knows when a family member gets home, setting the climate according to their liking. The thermostat can access whirlpool washers and dryers and set different washing and drying settings in order to create different background noise and better life for your clothes. The Withings sleep system can set Nest to set temperatures to comfortable degrees.

In case something goes wrong, the Nest system can flash Philips Hue lights to let you know something’s not right.

Nest has also mentioned a new partnership with Insteon, a company famous for its home automation devices and systems. Soon, Nest will be able to connect to 200 different products compatible with Insteon. Conversely, Insteon will be able to control thermostats from a hub and Android and iOS apps too.

Source: Nest

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Nest integration with Google Now live – set your favorite home ecosystem with voice commands

Nest integration with Google Now is finally live, and the thermostat/app that keeps your house warm acting as a control center is even better now. The hardware is integrated with Google Now which makes it even easier to communicate with the Nest device.





The device responds to voice commands that begin with OK Google, and you can change the temperature, or the thermostat, or set the device at a certain temperature for example. The Google Now card appears on your screen to tell you when Nest will be changing the climate of your house as well. It usually works when it senses that you are approaching your home.


Nest Google now



If you have a Nest thermostat, you can easily authorize your account and you will have to activate your voice commands and the Google Now card separately, so don’t forget to check all the options.


Source: AndroidPolice