Alphabet company goes live: Google reorganisation is official

Google is officially Alphabet starting today. Google Inc. completed the reorganizational move today and the stocks were part of it as they began to be traded […]

Alphabet bought Google! Who owns the company that now owns Google?

Google has officially become a subsidiary of Alphabet. This may sound as an incredible deal but wait until you find out what Alphabet really means. Google […]

Google Glass is history – its spirit lives on in new Nest team program

Google Glass was last year’s wonder gadget along with other new toys, but its life was very short. The Glass Explorer Program was graduated a few […]

[CES 2015] Nest thermostat to be compatible with Insteon, Whirlpool and others

Google’s Nest thermostat is now compatible with more product brands, including Whirlpool, Philips Hue and Insteon. The news came at the CES2015 held in Las Vegas […]

Nest integration with Google Now live – set your favorite home ecosystem with voice commands

Nest integration with Google Now is finally live, and the thermostat/app that keeps your house warm acting as a control center is even better now. The […]