Oddhop preview – battle cute little creatures in hundreds of puzzle worlds!

In a surprising turn of events, you may be able to turn nice cute creatures against themselves soon, when Oddhop launches to mobile devices. This little indie mobile game will teach you to destroy an entire population of things save for one, just to show the others what you are capable of and that they should never ever cross you again. Basically this is a puzzle game where you get points by eliminating creatures one by one.       In Oddhop you will make the creatures jump on each other to take themselves out of the game. You have to let one live so that it may go beck to the rest of the tribe and act as a messenger and a guide to your next killing grounds. You have over 100 sweet puzzles and three types of creatures with different features plus you can explore different terrain types. Other elements that may help or distract you are portals, platforms and statues. If the game is a success, the devs say they will add even more levels for free!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHlrVBBierQ     Oddhop is in development at the moment, and it will release somewhere in the summer on iOS and Android devices. The game itself will be free, with ads, but you will have the option of making a one-time purchase to get rid of ads altogether. If you want to learn more about this little gem, you can hop over on the official website.   Source: Indiegamemag

Ubuntu-powered tablet coming from Spain to launch soon

We can finally talk about an Ubuntu-powered tablet entering the market. The Canonical software developer has finally started to talk about the device, which will be a modified existing tablet from Spanish manufacturer BQ. The Aquaris M10 tablet will be modified to become the first piece of consumer Ubuntu hardware to become a PC when you connect a mouse, keyboard and display to it.       Under the chassis, things will remain the same, including the 10.1-inch display and the quad-core MediaTek MT8163A chipset. This is not the first attempt at a melange between an Android device and Ubuntu. Canonical released an Ubuntu installer for the Nexus 7 a few years back, and Nexus 10 enjoyed a preview version of Ubuntu Touch.   The Ubuntu interface will transform into a desktop view once the peripherals are connected to the tablet and this shift will make it easier for the user to multitask, or run desktop and mobile apps. Users can add more software via the platform app store, where a lot of work will have to be done to make an Ubuntu mobile device relevant on the market.   Source: Endgadget  

Google Project Fi data-only SIM cards support goes live

Google Project Fi is still alive and kicking, even if it is not as involved in promoting itself as you’d think. Google’s cellular service is impressing its few subscribers and it recently released support for data-only mobile devices (this includes tablets and other devices which receive data).       The Project Fi team is working on bringing data-only SIMs to everyone who wants mobile Internet connections on their tablets by using a mobile connection as intermediary. This form of connectivity could in turn be shared with other tablets that can connect to the Internet when they are offered access.   Existing Project Fi subscribers can get a data-only SIM for free so if you have a Fi account you can check it and order a SIM for yourself. If you are not part of the program but you are interested in this offering, you can head over to Google’s Fi to sign up and you will have to wait to receive an official invitation. For now, you can only order a data-only SIM card. When you activate it, you will be able to share data to anyone. Keep in mind that a data-only SIM will share the same data budget with an existing mobile phone data plan.   Useful details you need to know if you want a data-only SIM from project Fi:   Eligibility: You can add another device by ordering a data-only SIM as long as you have service activated with Project Fi. Cost: Compatible devices share the same data budget as […]

Rayman Adventures – new free adventure mobile game from Ubisoft

If you like side-scrolling games and are a fan of old-school adventures, maybe you will want to go to the Google Play Store soon to check out Rayman Adventures. This is the most recent title from Ubisoft which centers on the very popular Rayman. Unlike previous games, this one is free to download, which means it has a hell load of in-app purchases.       Rayman Adventures takes you to an adventure where you must do everything in your power to save the Incrediballs. Apart from all that action, you will explore environments in order to find and collect the Incrediballs, your first and foremost objective being to bring them to their home. Every Incrediball has its own power and you can use them to solve puzzles and destroy villains.   Visually speaking, the game has no drawbacks, with the environments feeling vibrant and alive for the most part. The main character is also very personable and the other characters can be endearing as well.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4w2Kulgm74     Rayman Adventures is available in a few different languages and you can find it for free on the Google Play Store via the widget below. Some items will be purchasable with real money, but the in-app purchases can be turned off in the game settings menu apparently.  

Facebook profile videos teased on the mobile app

Facebook recently announced that we will be able to use profile videos soon, and the feature may become real much sooner than previously thought. This means that soon, people will begin their stalking process on this social media platform via a video.       Now we get some promo videos which are not GIFs but 7-second loops where you can also include sound. We get autoplay by default but, in order to get sound with your profile video-totally-not-GIFs, you will have to tap on the video.   The Facebook app is already promoting the feature with a “Coming Soon” pop-up when you edit your profile picture. Nothing is live yet, but the feature will surely let you know when it goes live. In the video you can find in the source link below you can also see just what this new feature is all about.       Facebook profile videos will go live along with some other new features such as temporary profile pics, better photo placement on mobile devices and pinning profile features to the top of a profile.   Source: Facebook via AndroidPolice

Project Fi gifts Legos and USB cables to subscribers

Project Fi, Google’s attempt at offering fast and easy cellular service directly to smartphones, is making a move! Some subscribers reported that they are getting a kit from the team. What does this kit contain, you ask? Some Legos and a USB Type-C cable. The Lego box turns into a phone stand clad in Fi colors.     In case you are a Project Fi subscriber, you should check your mailbox just to be sure you got some fun stuff too. If you did, let us know in the comment section below if your box contains the same Lego pack and the USB cable.   That being said, maybe some of you have no idea what Project Fi is yet. This official program means to give everyone cellular service directly to phones. Google wants to combine Sprint and T Mobile in a SIM card that can actively switch between the two without the user having to intervene in any way.   This project also means to use Wifi to let users call and text when they are connected to a network. Some special software on the phone will also automatically connect the device to a Wifi network in order to limit mobile data usage and when this happens, Google will route your traffic through secure VPNs to keep you and your data safe.   Project Fi is basically a prepaid phone service that will cost you $20 per month for the Fi Basics plan, which includes unlimited talk, text and keeping and account active. You […]