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Total Commander v2.6 update makes things look more Material-esque for the mobile file manager app

Total Commander just got updated today, and it became just a little bit less ugly than it used to be. The desktop file manager we all love has a mobile version as well, and, even if it wasn’t pretty, it did its job. Not it also got a nice makeover.


Total commander


Version 2.6 is making an effort it bringing things to the Material side. It is far from becoming a good looking device, but it’s on its way there. The app has an overall dark UI and below you can see the entire changelog:

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  • Android 5: write to external SD-Card without root
  • New material design icons on Android 5 (configurable, also on older versions)
  • Larger default space between icons and file names (configurable)
  • Option to hide status bar also on phones with Android 4 or newer
  • Show all user buttons in grayscale when using new button style
  • Load JPG thumbnails from EXIF data (faster)
  • Create new folder in “Save as” dialog
  • Media Player notification: Small “x” button to close player




The Play Store still shows the old screenshots, but you can install or update to see Total Commander in all of its new and improved splendor.

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The Ara Configurator app facilitates the creation of your module Ara smartphone

The Ara configurator app is now available and it will be the piece of software required to build your Ara phone. Even if the actual phone still has a long-ish way to go before it can be bought by the public, Google is working on the market strategy to make the prototype a success.




The Ara Configurator will help users build and buy phones. The software lets you go through the entire designing process from exterior shells to more important modules and endo frames. The app is built on the base of Material Design and it lets users pinch the screen to move between the three different layers of customization.

Swiping left and right lets users move through summaries of the phone starting with the market. There, users can save certain modules they can buy later on. The final screen of the app shows users their creation, including price and key specs such as the estimated battery life.


Ara project


People who don’t want to build their phone from scratch can take advantage of Google’s pre-built options. Users can also customize their shell with photos.

Even if the entire project is still far from fruition, it is a great effort on Google’s side when it comes to marketing project Ara.

Source: TheVerge

Apps News Updates/Software

XBMC/ Kodi remote app Yatse gets material design update in beta

XBMC/ Kodi remote app Yatse just got a visual makeover update to 5.0 beta.  The former Xbox media center is one of the most popular remote control apps for Android media manager and now it shows its new visual design on Google. The new interface is similar to most Material design updated apps we have seen so far.


Old Yatse
Old Yatse


New Yatse
New Yatse




The app has a new color scheme with various menus and action bars, and of course, materialized sliding elements. The remote interface has been simplified and it appears to be less distracting when watching TV.


In order to be able to download the app, you will have to join the Google+ community and agree to join in on the beta found on Play Store. If you’re willing to pay $4.49 you will be getting more advanced features too. In order to be able to use Yatse, you will need XMBC version 11 or more.


[googleplay url=””]

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Team Win Recovery Project gets materialized themes from XDA dev

Team Win Recovery Project just got its material design themes from z31s1g, a XDA developer. It was about time that outdated screen got a makeover!





One XDA developer wanted to change the way TWRP looks and he finally managed to make the feature look much more in sync with Lollipop. The screen is changed every time, even when you run scripts or wipe partitions. You can get a light or a dark variant and pick your favorite from the 15 available colors.


This new materialized TWRP theme supports resolutions from HVGA (320×480) to QHD (1440×2560) and in order to have support for it, you will need TWRP version 2.8 or above.


In order to download and activate the theme, go to XDA devs.

Source: XDA