Google I/o event schedule online – see what new Android stuff awaits between 27th and 29th May

May is the month for Google I/o as the event is bound to take place between 27th and 29th. Everyone interested in finding out just what the new news is can start planning those days in advance no matter if they go there or prefer to view it all on the Live channels.


Google IO event


The Google I/O official schedule is now online and you can get a General overview from the Agenda tab or you can select more options to view a detailed list of each event. The most important event takes place on the 28th at 9:30 AM PST and it is the keynote.

The New in Android event will take place on the 28th at around 1PM and it usually refers to a new Android version, even if we don’t get those annually. There’s also a chance of getting new games on Android TV or apps for Android Auto.

The Android Wear category also presents interesting events regarding Google Fit and Smart Lock, as well as news on adjusting apps to an always-on screen.

Most events are rather short and take no more than 30 minutes. The events viewable online are marked with a small video icon. People who sign in will be able to create their own itineraries regardless of their presence online or in person. Give it a check in the source link below.

Source: Google I/O Schedule


HTC One E9 and E9+ official details revealed – lower spec One M9 clones destined for the Asian market

HTC One E9 details have been revealed in China and this time we’re talking official stuff. It appears that there will be two E9 variants actually, the E9 and E9+ which is a previously leaked device. Neither of these smartphones is likely to release outside of Asia, so this could curb your enthusiasm a bit. If you’re still interested in reading the details, read along.


HTC One E9


HTC One E9+ is deemed a phablet with a 5.5”  2560×1440 LCD screen and it basically looks like a cheaper version of One M9 with its plastic back panel. It should be available in grey with gold trim, black with silver trim and white with gold trim. Under the hood you will find a MediaTex 8-core 2GHz processor with 3GB of RAM and 16GB of storage plus a microSD slot. It is powered by a measly 2800mAh battery and what saves it is its 7.49mm frame. The device still uses dual SIM with LTE and has a 20MP camera with a frontal HTC ultrapixel camera.




According to the4 same Endgadget Asian source, HTC One E9 has lower specs than the aforementioned device with a 1080p screen, 2GB of RAM and 13MP primary camera. No launch date or price as disclosed at the moment.

Source: HTC China via AndroidPolice

Photo source: @upleaks


HTC One M9+ leaked in photos – device to launch on the Asian market during April 8th event

It appears that HTC One M9 is not the only device you’ll soon be buying as the One M9+ just leaked in some photos online. The 9+ is, of course, the larger version of HTC’s flagship, and even if it was previously announced, it will only launch on the Asian market sometime in the future. Some say it’s not an attractive device, but as tastes are subjective, some will surely like it.







Some leaked specs mention a 5.2” 1440p LCD screen, a MediaTek MY6795T processor, 3 GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. The device has a 20MP camera with a Dual Camera Sensor as well, similar to the M9 flagship.




The front of the device has a fingerprint reader that splits the Boomsound speakers in half, a design change that will divide possible customers.



HTC will hold an event on April 8th in China where M9+ will likely be revealed. It appears that the device is aimed at the Asian and European market, no word on the US yet.

Source: Nowhereelse via Androidpolice


OnePlus One to launch in EU countries – events to be held in Prague, Warsaw and Budapest next week

It’s been a year now since OnePlus One started to ship on certain markets via the invitation system and a few months ago that atrocious condition was scratched. Now, the device will also become available to some countries in the EU with the future promise of coming to all.


Oneplus eu launch


If you live in one of the following countries you will be able to officially get the smartphone: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.

OnePlus will be holding events in Budapest (12th), Prague (10th) and Warsaw (9th) in March to celebrate the (re)launch.  There is no news regarding pricing and official launch dates but they will be disclosed soon.

Source: OnePlus


Sony to fire 1000 people by March 2016

Sony will be firing 1000 people by March2016 and they will all be laid off from the smartphone department. Sony has been making it their priority to launch one flagship every 6-8 months or so, but that entire process is costly and it requires sacrifices.




After it already cut 1000 workers in October, Sony is expected to announce a new round of cutbacks comprising 1000 people in the smartphone division by March next year.

The cuts will be made in the Chinese and European operations with few other regions being targeted. The two cuts combined will comprise 30% in reduction in the size of the smartphone group.

Sony is starting to go through a rough patch as the markets where it was leader these past few years are showing competition from Chinese OEMs. The US market is not the coziest place for Sony’s smartphones eitherat the moment.

Source: AndroidPolice

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Panasonic’s LUMIX Smart Camera DSC-M1 is a camera-smartphone hybrid

Panasonic is following on Samsung’s steps and launches its own super-camera ready to mount on a phone. We are talking about the LUMIX Smart Camera DSC-M1, a little point and shoot camera that compresses an entire Android phone on its back.


Lumix DSC-M1



The smartphone face of the camera is a high-end device with a 2.3 Ghz Snapdragon 800 processor and 2 GB of RAM, a 4.7” 1080p display and a stock version of KitKat. It appears that the camera sensor is one of the best around, with its 1” length and 20 MPs. It is found behind the Leica F/2.8 28 mm lens with a manual focusing ring.

The device has physical buttons that allow users to engage with the camera app and make it resemble a full-on camera. The device presents manual controls for aperture, exposure, aperture and ISO 4K video shooting in full DSLR style.


Lumix Smart Camera phone is a bit thick for its overall appearance at 21 mm, even if it is a little small for a camera, by comparison. It also has a microSD slot and is powered by a 2600 mAh battery and its only weak point could be the one intended to be its most powerful one: the lens doesn’t move so users will not be able to zoom in or out on their subjects.

LUMIX DSC-CM1 has a nice metal and faux leather body and it will go on sale starting November in Germany and France. It appears the device will be sold for around $1164 (900 euro). The device will propagate on the European market, but AndroidPolice thinks it will never reach the US market.

Source: Panasonic 


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