Sprint’s LG G Flex 2 gets OTA to Lollipop 5.1.1

Sprint’s LG G Flex 2 is getting an OTA to Android 5.1.1 and you may have already gotten it … or not. It all depends on the wave your device is syncing with. The OTA itself began a week ago, but in the meantime the limitedness of it wore off and it became a wide-spread […]

LG G Flex 2 available on AT&T stores and online starting April 24th how much does it sell for?

LG G Flex 2 is on its way to AT&T. The smartphone will apparently launch online and in stores on April 24th, and the curved device will sell for $709 full price or $300 with a two-year contract.     LG’s second curved smartphone is finally making its way at AT&T at a rather spicy […]

LG G Flex 2 sold exclusively by Vodafone in the UK for the first 6 weeks after launch

LG G Flex 2 will be sold in the UK as well, and Vodafone owns it for the first 6 weeks after launch. The newly announced LG product will be selling in the US and across the pond as well, the first carrier to be distributing the device being Vodafone.     The device will […]

LG G Flex 2 to be sold by AT&T and Sprint in the first quarter of 2015

LG G Flex 2 is getting on US carrier offers soon, as AT&T and Sprint promise their customers just hours after the official unveiling of the new device.       The phone presented HERE has a Snapdragon 810 processor with a 13 MP camera, a 5.5” curved body and a self-healing case and it […]

Sprint’s LG G3 and LG G Flex are getting WiFi calling and security fix OTAs

Sprint’s LG G3 and LG G Flex are getting an OTA Monday December 1st, and what they’re getting is Wi Fi calling. In case you have one of these devices and you are a Sprint customer, you can expect for some new software this coming week.   LG G3 will be getting to version ZV26 […]

Sprint’s LG G Flex gets an update with security fixes and Wi Fi calling, among others

LG G Flex from Sprint just got an update with a few tweaks today. The device is probably (surely) not the best on the planet, but its curves attract the audience like a magnet. Although there may not be many such devices from Sprint curving around, they get the ZV7 update which will add some […]