Lazyboard App – the app for easy, short and lazy text answers!

There are moments when you have no effs to give and no desire to write long messages on your messaging app of choice, right? Well, that’s where Lazyboard app fits in! This free app will let you send messages at the simple push of a virtual button! When you don’t want to have a proper conversation but you still feel somewhat obliged to respond to a text, you can use one of the dozens keys at your disposal.       Lazyboard app has two default theme settings, but if you buy the Pro version, you can get many many more. The Pro version only costs $1, but you don’t really have to buy it if the simpleness of the essence of this app is all that your lazy butt needs.   In order to enable the lazyboard keyboard you have to open up the settings, select the language & input, tap on your current keyboard and choose Lazyboard. Then you will be able to press one button to send your OK or Thanks answer! Give the app a look below: