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Team Win Recovery project support for HTC A9 and Galaxy Grand devices

Team Win Recovery project is undeniably one of the most popular custom recovery tools for Android and it offers the best support to most devices running on the OS. This is what you need in order to be able to flash a custom ROM or completely backup your device before tinkering. TWRP just finished working on two more devices: HTC One A9 and Galaxy Trend from Samsung.





HTC One A9 is one of the most overpriced devices around and it bears the stigma of being considered to look too much like an iPhone. On the other side, Galaxy Trend is one of the cheapest Samsung offerings on the market and it dates back two years with a 4” screen (480 x800p) and 512MB of RAM. The HTC device needs a custom ROM if you want to get rid of the UI changes and the Samsung smartphone could use an overhaul because it is old, sad and lonely.


If you have one of these devices and want to change some of their software, you can grab TWRP for each from the source link below. Happy flashing!


Source: TWRP Galaxy Trend, HTC one A9



HTC One M10 possibly leaked in new photo

HTC will not announce their new year flagship during MWC with LG and Samsung, but they are expected to do so in the coming weeks. Way before the official announcement, Evan Blass (@evleaks) managed to snatch a photo of the alleged device and you can see it below.




M10 seems to look a whole lot like the A9, especially in regards to the button style and the layout. Under the screen you can see a fingerprint scanner that may double as a home button (the button itself is rounder than the one on HTC A9, which makes it seem even more similar to an iPhone device). On the front you get a large camera module, but there are no HTC logos on the front of the device in the picture and the Boomsound speakers are also missing.


Blass previously mentioned that HTC M10 will be powered by a Snapdragon 820, 4GB of RAM, and it will have a 5.1-inch 1440×2560 QHD AMOLED screen. We will find out more about the device soon. In the meantime, do you think the device in the picture is indeed HTC’s newest flagship device?


Source: @evleaks via AndroidPolice


News Updates/Software

HTC One A9 from Sprint gets Android 6.0.1 OTA

HTC One A9 will get an update to Android 6.0.1 very very soon. This is the luckiest single Android device on the market at the moment because it is getting an update that only Nexus devices are enjoying at the moment. This smartphone is hooked up to Google somehow because it is getting updates sooner than most other OEM devices and it is receiving the monthly security patches well ahead of other flagships.




HTC One A9 unlocked was the first to get Android 6.0.1 at the end of 2015, and now the Sprint carrier version is getting the same treatment.

This brings A9 to version 1.57.651.1, which brings about the new Android 6.0.1 emojis with some improvements and the following enhancements:

  • Marshmallow 6.0.1 update
  • Battery life improvements
  • addition of Wi-Fi Calling functionality
  • camera feature improvements
  • system enhancements.


The OTA should already be on route to HTC One A9 devices. Just in case you’re not seeing the notification on your device yet, you should be patient because the release could be somewhat slow. Of course, you can grab the 1.86GB RUU file and flash it manually. If you do this you will lose your data forever, so be cautious. Or you can just wait for the update to reach you.


Source: HTC Support via AndroidPolice



[The rumor mill] HTC Perfume M10 possible specs leaked online

HTC may not have had the best 2015, but things can change if they manage to pull out a great flagship this year. HTC Perfume M10 could be that success… if luck is on the OEM’s side. Rumors are starting to spread on the Interwebz, and some say that Perfume is M10, the 2016 flagship for HTC. It should have the best specs ever seen into a phone made by the manufacturer.





According to @evleaks, AKA Evan Blass, HTC will have the same AMOLED display it has been sporting on the A9. The display will be 5.1-inch large and it will have 1440p resolution. On the inside you could find a Snapdragon 820, 4GB of RAM, plus 32GB of storage. HTC is rumored to return to its UltraPixel sensor on the rear camera, but its resolution will be boosted to 12MP.


HTC M10 should have a fingerprint sensor as well, and it will be settled on the front of the device. When it comes to the OS, M10 should launch with Android 6.0.1 with Sense 8 UI, making it available for fingerprint support from the OS as well. One interesting change is the lack of Boomsound speakers. That’s all for the leaks and rumors so far. HTC is expected to drop some new info regarding their new devices sometime this spring.


Source: AndroidPolice



HTC Desire T7 spotted in benchmarks; cancellation imminent?

HTC Desire T7 may be the next device to come out of HTC’s warehouses. Scarce are the chances when an unannounced device manages to surprise the public, and T7 wanted to be one of these devices, but alas, Internet strikes again and its hyperactive users manage to spot it on GFXBench. This is in fact a tablet with a 6.9-inch screen coming from the OEM in the near future. It has the model number HTC IV5001-A and it may sell at $170, if previous rumors are to be believed.


HTC Desire T7



The information comes from GFXBench, where more details regarding the device have been revealed. Even if the device has a 6.9-inch screen, it resolution will only be at 720×1280. Under the chassis you will find a Spreadtrum SC8830 processor running at 1.3GHz paired with a Mali 400 MP2 GPU.


You get 1 GB of RAM plus 16GB of internal storage and 5MP cameras on the front and back.





HTC Desire T7 has modest specs and its price is confirming its imminent appearance on emerging markets where the price is more important than anything. With the Mobile World Congress starting next month, we are sure to see this tablet in Barcelona.


A curious piece of information that surfaced just after the GFXBench info comes from China and it mentions the cancellation of the device. It is very curious how the device showed up in benchmarks one day and it was announced as canceled the next. Let’s hope the device will not be buried forever!


Source: Slashgear



[The rumor mill] HTC to work on TWO Nexus devices for Google this year

HTC may be the manufacturer that brings us the next two Nexus devices! Reports from Weibo suggest that HTC will be in cahoots with Google again to make some new flagship devices in 2016. Instead of choosing two OEMs, it appears that Google will only make room for one team, and since HTC has not been in the best of situation lately financially speaking, maybe this will help them recover into becoming one of the best smartphone manufacturers in the world.





What does it take to be relevant in this business?


It appears that HTC’s bad strike may be ending, especially if their Nexus devices will be branded a success. But we are still a long long long way away. According to rumors, the HTC devices will have different display sizes: one will be a 5-inch and the other will have a 5.5-inch display. There is no news regarding any other specs and you should take this with a grain of salt, just in case. We can also assume that, if this news is accurate, the devices will run on the next Android OS version at launch.


HTC is not at its first rodeo with the Nexus program. They created the first Nexus devices and the most recent piece of tech made by them is the Nexus 9 tablet, which was received to mixed reviews a year and a half ago.


This time of the year is still pretty early for Nexus news, but considering 2015 flagships’ success, we can’t wait to learn something new. Huawei did a terrific job with the Nexus 6P last year, and we are eager to find out if the next contracted OEM will manage to live up to expectations. If HTC is making the 2016 Nexus devices, are you interested in trying one of them? Let us know in the comments below.


Source: Droid-Life