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9GAG app – keep trolling with the official app on Google Playstore – free for a limited time only!

9GAG has a new and improved app on Google Playstore and on iTunes ! The funny entertainment site has finally made its mobile interface official and, for a limited time only, you can get the app for free (it will cost $1.99 later on)!

Funy pics, cosplays, wtf photos or geeky funny pictures are waiting on your phone or tablet and you can totally share them if you like them so much! You can get feedback from random people on the internetz for your funny gags and you discover other people with the same humor as you!

Basically, the 9GAG app is giving you the same funny experience on a mobile interface: you can vote in Trending and Fresh pages to determine what will be Hot on the internet the next day, you can join discussions or share the photos and GIFs you like best on different social media platforms.

Check out the widget below if 9GAG app caught your attention.

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The revolution of high-tech media – meet noPhone, the revolutionary handset that helps you more than you think!

If you’re sick of annual releases from Samsung, iPhone and other high-tech moguls, you can be relieved to find out that a new and ingenious device could prove itself to be the next best thing around. noPhone is a waterproof, shatterproof handset that doesn’t  need charging to work. It is extremely resistant to NSA surveillance and hacking and is not equipped with Bluetooth or Wi Fi. Heck, the phone doesn’t even have a cellular connection or a screen either!

noPhone is a mobile surrogate that helps smartphone addicts get rid of their everendless mobile networking connection problems. It stimulates the weight and dimensions of everyday smartphones as well! This lovely surrogate device can help you improve social skills and eye-contact skills in no time!