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[Freebie alert] Janice Joplin Greatest Hits album for free on Google Play Music

Are you a Janice Joplin fan but you – for some reason – don’t have all of her albums on your Google Play account yet? Well, you are in luck friend, because today you can get the Greatest Hits compilation from Janice Joplin for free from the Google Play Music store. The album is only available to US customers but, if you are lucky, you may get it in other countries too.


Janice Joplin



Janice Joplin became a sensation in the 1960s, when experimental rock and the hippie movement were at their peak. She remained a highly important musical figure after her death in 1970 at the fresh age of 27. She is one of the classic American rock musicians whose music endured over the ages.

The Greatest Hits compilation found on the Google Play Music store is not new, but the 1973 album that has become something of a staple for her music, and it includes two tracks added in the 1999 re-issue. The album includes the hit Me and Bobby McGee, which made Joplin famous globally.



As it happens with all free albums on Google Music, you will be able to add the album on your library and you will be able to listen to it whenever you want. You will be able to use the album even after it returns to paid status. Enjoy your music!


Source: Google Play Music Store


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[Deal of the day] Free blues album from Buddy Guy on Google Play

Are you a fan of blues music? Then you should hurry up and go to the Google Play store where you will find Buddy Guy’s free blues album named Born to play Guitar. This deal will only last through today so you have to hurry up.


Free blues album



This album came out in 2015, but it is just one in the many many albums in this prolific artist’s career. Buddy Guy is 79 years old and he has been making music for a long long time, probably longer than you have lived or even longer than your parents’ lives.


This free blues album has 16 new songs you can download from the source link below. You get over one hour of music and, if you really really like it, you can get more if you pay.


Source: Google play

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[Flash Deals of the Day] Coldplay’s “Ghost Stories” is available for free on Google Play

If you always wanted Coldplay’s “Ghost Stories” album but had no cash to purchase one, hurry up and go to Google Play, where you will find that you can get it for free!!! The deal works for today only so you’ll have to hurry up.




Coldplay’s sixth album was released in May last year and has nine tracks, which means over 40 minutes of British rock. If that’s your cup of tea or you just like to hoard virtual albums given for free, you can head out to the source link to get yours while they’re still there.

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Source: Google Play