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Facebook investigated by New York AG’s office for harvesting email contacts

New York attorney general’s office is investigating Facebook for harvesting the email contacts of about 1.5 million users without their consent.

“Facebook has repeatedly demonstrated a lack of respect for consumers’ information while at the same time profiting from mining that data.” – New York Attorney General Letitia James The social network confirmed in April that it collected the email contacts of its users, but said it wasn’t on purpose.

The attorney general’s office said in a press release that hundreds of millions of Facebook users could have been affected because users might have hundreds of email contacts stored. The attorney general’s investigation comes as other regulators and lawmakers are cracking down on Facebook for its privacy practices e.g. Ireland’s Data Protection Commission is investigating whether Facebook safeguarded its users’ passwords properly, which could show violations of GDPR. In December, the DC attorney general sued Facebook for allegedly failing to safeguard the data of its users and Canadian regulators have accused Facebook of violating local laws for mishandling user data and said they could take the company to court for its privacy mishaps.

The privacy commissioner of Canada and the information and privacy commissioner for British Columbia started investigating Facebook last year after revelations surfaced that a UK political consultancy Cambridge Analyticaharvested data from about 87 million users without their permission.

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Yahoo Messenger major update – Yahoo really wants you to use its product

Yahoo Messenger does not want to give up and admit defeat in front of Hangouts, iMessage or Facebook Messenger, which is why it is now alluring us with a major update. Did anyone even knew about this app though?



yahoo messenger


Well, since Yahoo is trying, let’s see what this is all about. Among the important updates we count the photos. You can now send photos to entire groups in a second (which could translate to a Flickr-like album being easily sent over to groups). Images will be downgraded a bit in this process, but overall quality will not be affected. Whoever wants to download the images on their phone can easily do so. GIFs re also supported now with Tumblr being the source of your GIF comments on Yahoo Messenger.


Messenger also allows you to unsend messages or photos or texts and you can even like a message if it attracted your attention. Another interesting new feature is Smart Contacts, which helps you automatically find friends and family and it detects your relationship with them. This means that, if you start a family group, your family members can be automatically added.


Yahoo Messenger is praising itself for being very very fast with this update, which means that conversations are synced between platforms almost instantaneously. It’s more than just a messenger:


• Chat one-on-one or in groups
• Yes, take backs! Tap “Unsend” to remove photos and messages from a conversation
• Instantly share lots of high-resolution photos at once
• Swipe to view photos beautifully displayed in a carousel
• Express yourself with animated GIFs
• “Like” messages and photos in the conversation
• Offline/low connectivity mode—anything you share will be posted once you’re back online
• Optimized for use with TalkBack

You can download the Yahoo Messenger app from Google Play Store now and the changes will also be there on the Web version of the app. If you are still using this Messenger over others, you should give it a look below:

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Facebook profile videos teased on the mobile app

Facebook recently announced that we will be able to use profile videos soon, and the feature may become real much sooner than previously thought. This means that soon, people will begin their stalking process on this social media platform via a video.


Facebook video profile



Now we get some promo videos which are not GIFs but 7-second loops where you can also include sound. We get autoplay by default but, in order to get sound with your profile video-totally-not-GIFs, you will have to tap on the video.


The Facebook app is already promoting the feature with a “Coming Soon” pop-up when you edit your profile picture. Nothing is live yet, but the feature will surely let you know when it goes live. In the video you can find in the source link below you can also see just what this new feature is all about.


facebook video



Facebook profile videos will go live along with some other new features such as temporary profile pics, better photo placement on mobile devices and pinning profile features to the top of a profile.


Source: Facebook via AndroidPolice

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Google Hangouts just got its own site today!

Google Hangouts just got its own sweet web page! After being an extension or an app for so long, Google’s response at a Messenger option finally got its own home and it is looking good. If you want to chat with a friend, have a voice call or send an emoji, you can do so from . Plus, you have everything related to your Google account, including your mobile device data, at a click’s distance!


Google Hangouts



This page has not broken from the parent domain, at least not yet. It appears that domain names are not Google’s priority, as someone else owns the Hangouts domain already.


Why did Google Hangouts change?

This change can be examined as an example of Google’s separation of services following the shift to Alphabet, along with the Photos product. How many people will switch from the Hangouts extension to the page version is unclear, but if more options appear, things could rapidly change.



Hangouts features



This change is a great branding exercise for Google. It is mainly done because the company is testing waters with powerful brands such as Facebook, Snapchat or Microsoft. Google now has Photos and Hangouts going on, while Facebook uses Messenger and Instagram as extensions of its services. More and more social media platforms are stretching their tendrils out and Google – being one of the most powerful entities on the internet – better get in the game.


Source: Techcrunch

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Facebook Hello Dialer gets update with new layout and contact filters among others

Facebook Hello Dialer was recently updated to version 2.0 and in this article you will find just what the improvements are. This extension of the social media service allows users to call and message people and it works for free via Messenger.


Hello Dialer


The version two of the app tweaks the interface and adds interesting features that should make some users budge from their preference for the stock dialer app and switch to this one. The most important changes are the ability to filter contacts if they have phone numbers and notifications for the blocked and missed calls respectively.

You also get a “Card” layout destined for incoming calls and the ability of other apps to see your Hello contacts. You will also be able to edit a friend’s profile photo just to be able to see and recognize them easier. Among the changes you will also find support for right-to-left languages integrated contact shortcuts.

The app is free for Facebook users and it is only compatible with Android smartphones.

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Facebook Messenger update – send friends your location via messages

Facebook Messenger is updated again today and it is getting something interesting (read easier to stalk) for most of us. Unlike its Facebook app, the Messenger is actually getting changed for the better and the most recent change is the feature of allowing users to send a location to friends via messages. The thing is, it does not have to be the location you’re at, it can be any location.




Using location on Messenger is still optional and this does not change how your location data is used by the app. Location sharing is bound to appear in the menu with the usual add-ons. When you tap on it you will be able to choose to share your location or other places nearby.