Facebook investigated by New York AG’s office for harvesting email contacts

New York attorney general’s office is investigating Facebook for harvesting the email contacts of about 1.5 million users without their consent. “Facebook has repeatedly demonstrated a lack of respect for consumers’ information while at the same time profiting from mining that data.” – New York Attorney General Letitia James The social network confirmed in April […]

Yahoo Messenger major update – Yahoo really wants you to use its product

Yahoo Messenger does not want to give up and admit defeat in front of Hangouts, iMessage or Facebook Messenger, which is why it is now alluring us with a major update. Did anyone even knew about this app though?       Well, since Yahoo is trying, let’s see what this is all about. Among […]

Facebook profile videos teased on the mobile app

Facebook recently announced that we will be able to use profile videos soon, and the feature may become real much sooner than previously thought. This means that soon, people will begin their stalking process on this social media platform via a video.       Now we get some promo videos which are not GIFs […]

Google Hangouts just got its own site today!

Google Hangouts just got its own sweet web page! After being an extension or an app for so long, Google’s response at a Messenger option finally got its own home and it is looking good. If you want to chat with a friend, have a voice call or send an emoji, you can do so […]

Facebook Hello Dialer gets update with new layout and contact filters among others

Facebook Hello Dialer was recently updated to version 2.0 and in this article you will find just what the improvements are. This extension of the social media service allows users to call and message people and it works for free via Messenger.     The version two of the app tweaks the interface and adds […]

Facebook Messenger update – send friends your location via messages

Facebook Messenger is updated again today and it is getting something interesting (read easier to stalk) for most of us. Unlike its Facebook app, the Messenger is actually getting changed for the better and the most recent change is the feature of allowing users to send a location to friends via messages. The thing is, […]