[Discount of the day] Minecraft Story Mode episode one on Google Play for $0.10!

The hour of presents and discounts has come just before the holidays and now you can buy yourself a Minecraft Story Mode first episode for only 10 cents! Telltale Games have made a reputation of bringing interesting and unique story-driven adventures to life, where players can influence their experience via the choices they make.       If you are a Minecraft player already, you should know that Telltale did not just invent a story set in this fun world, but they made a story about how this world came to be, with what makes zombies and skeletons come out at night and why you can teleport to the Nether when you want to.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcKmyM6YQY8     You can get the first episode at %90 off and you can purchase Minecraft Holiday Skin packs at %75 off. The first episodic chapter of the Minecraft Story Mode adventure launched on Google Play a few months ago at the price of $4.99, but this week you can get it at the amazing price of $0.10. Give it a look via the widget below!    

[Deal alert] Android Pay purchases made with Nexus devices earn you gift cards!

Do you have a Nexus device? Do you use Android Pay? Then you could be eligible for a gift! Google just announced that if you use Android Pay on a Nexus device by December 31st 2015 you will get a $20 Best Buy e-gift card added to your digital card wallet. These gift cards are limited in number, which means that the promotion could end before December 31st if everybody and their friends uses it.       All you need to know is that if you have Android Pay on Nexus 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 5X or 6P and you use it, you are eligible for an e-gift card. You get one gift card per account and if you use Android Pay on a non-Nexus device you will not be eligible for this deal. If you hurry and start spending with Android Pay, you may just get a gift yourself!   The gift card will be added to your Android Pay app in a few days after you tap and pay. It does not matter what you buy or where you buy it from as long as Android Pay is supported as payment.   Source: Google  

[Deals galore] Get a free Galaxy S6 with your order at AT&T! Find out the deets below!

If you are an AT&T fan or you just want to jump ships to another US carrier, this may be your chance, especially if you love Samsung devices! The carrier currently has a holiday season promotion on Samsung Galaxy S6 where it offers buyers the option to get one free Samsung device when they buy one. If you want to buy a Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, a Note 5 or an S6 Active, you will be able to get a free Galaxy S6 from AT&T. There are a few conditions you must agree to, of course, as nothing is truly free in this world of ours. Firstly, you have to start a new mine of service in order to be eligible for a Galaxy S6, and you have to use AT&T’s Next installment plan. Secondly, the free phone will be included in a Next 24 plan. The “free” part of the plan has yet another caveat: AT&T will issue bill credits for 30 months adding up to $650. If you don’t mind the many bad sides of this deal, you can go ahead and enjoy this way to save some money. The offer will be good until December 31st. You can check more details in the source link below. Source: AT&T

Black Friday deals by Google Store: get cheaper Nexus devices and more!

Google Store is ready for its own Black Friday deals and if you are a fan of the Nexus products or you just want to try the native Android experience, now is the time to give it a shot with one of their devices. The deals below you will be able to get until Monday, but they last as long as the inventories do, so you have to hurry to get something.       Google managed to do something great and extend returns for purchases made during Black Friday and ranging until December 22nd, and you can now return the device you bought by January 22nd 2016 if you are unhappy with it. Here are the Black Friday deals from Google:     Nexus 9 at $200 off ($199, cheaper than the HTC deal) Nexus 5X is $80 off Huawei Watch $80 off the silver version ($319) and $100 off the black version ($299) Nexus cases 50% off LG G Watch Urbane is $70 cheaper, selling for $279 Chromecast and Chromecast Audio two for $50 and you can match them however you see fit Nest Cam $169, $30 cheaper Nest Thermostat 3rd Gen – $50 Play Store credit with the purchase.   Go ahead and check the stocks, folks! Get them while they’re still hot or you’ll miss them!   Source: Google Store

Black Friday Deals by Verizon : what discounts you can get from the Big Red

Black Friday is almost upon us and everyone is already getting their unbeatable deals out of the closets. Maybe you are not considering the big carrier stores as one of your destinations, but Verizon really wants you to look at their deals. If you feel that the prices are usually a bit above your financial possibilities, maybe you will find something attractive now.       Verizon is offering a Black Friday discount – $200 value – on Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, or DROID Turbo 2 if you switch carriers and you release ownage of your existing device. You may also be eligible for a $300 gift card or credit Verizon if you trade in one of a number of used phones, which means you may be looking at a $500 discount.   If these discounts are not enough for you, Verizon is also cutting $100 off the retail price of some Verizon smartphones that usually sell at $400 and above. Some of them are LG V10, Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note 5.   If an LTE tablet is more to your liking, you may want to consider an Ellipsis 8 for only $50 (it usually costs $80). This deal is paired with a two-year contract, which may not be your cup of tea on the long run though.   Black Friday for Verizon is also packed with discounted accessories, including Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Elite (down to $250 – $50 discount) or a Nest Cam ($170).   Source: Verizon Black Friday

Samsung deals: buy a flagship get $350 worth of gifts!

Samsung really really wants you to buy a new Galaxy smartphone and it will even give you presents if you do take the leap. If you want to get one of their new devices in the next 16 days, you will also get $50 in cash plus $350 worth of accessories.     There’s more! If you have an iPhone device you want to trade-in you will also get $100 in Google Play credits for it. This deal is available starting today through November 22nd and it is exclusive to buying a Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Note 5 or S6 Edge+.   The $350 gifts have two different packages you can choose from and each of them has its own name. The first one is a Swarovski crystal jewelry gift package that gives you a Samsung-branded fast charge portable battery park, a Swarovski crystal phone cover and a wireless charging pad. The second package, Level One gift package, gives you the battery pack and charging pad but it changes the Swarovski cover for Level On headphones. In order to get the$50 cash prize, you have to activate the Samsung Pay mobile system on your new phone.   If you don’t love Samsung’s own promo, you can go to Sprint and take a look there! They have their own deal where if you buy one of Samsung’s four flagship devices you can get a year of Amazon Prime, regardless of how you choose to pay for the device.   This is a deal that works […]