Enable WebGL on Chrome or Firefox

WebGL on Chrome Enable hardware acceleration : browse to chrome://settings/advanced scroll to the bottom and look for Use hardware acceleration when available make sure Use hardware acceleration when available is checked ✓ if it tells you to then click the relaunch button Check if webGL is enabled in Chrome Copy paste the following in your browser’s address bar chrome://gpu  Look […]

A Journey through Middle Earth experience now available in multiplayer – you can try it on any device with Chrome

 A Journey through Middle Earth was recently updated by Google, and now the Chrome experiment game has multiplayer peer to peer battles as well. The 3D game experiment which lets you explore Middle Earth finally received an update in which players will be able to interact.   The game was designed using WabRTC and WebGL […]

Hangouts – new and improved from Google to you

A new Google app is making its way on our devices today, and it is an improved version of Hangouts. It is supposed to keep your desktop much cleaner while it still lets you chat with whoever you want with no issue. The truth is the Hangouts app looks much more similar to Facebook’s Messenger […]

Duolingo, Sight words, Evernote and Vine run natively on Chrome OS -more apps to be ported by Google soon

Google announces that Duolingo, Sight words, Evernote and Vine run natively on Chrome OS now. It seems that Chromebooks and Android devices are more connected than ever as Android apps are starting to be natively compatible with Chrome OS. It seems that Google is working with certain app developers at the moment to add more […]

Chrome Beta latest update brings Number Tabs back

Chrome Beta’s latest update to number 37.0.2062.117 brings back number indicators for Open tabs. The new interface brought about in an update in July is close to Chrome’s material design where many interface elements were sliced and rearranged. The tab indicator was such a victim of the update which no longer showed the number of […]

Google’s Ultra Violet extension is being tested – new Hangouts experience to be available soon

It appears that Google is testing its Ultra Violet experience destined for Hangouts Chrome. According to Florian Kiersch, this is happening right now and Ultra Violet will bring important interface changes to Hangouts, including a new extension that introduces a floating Chat Heads icon on the desktop that can be used freely. After the circle […]