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Android 5.1 update causes frequent Nexus 5 camera crash issues

It appears that the Android 5.1 update is not as good and bug-repelling for everyone as more Nexus 5 users discovered frequent camera crashes recently. It appears that, ever since the 5.1 update, activating the camera on a Nexus 5 has become a chore that ends in a crash every time.


Nexus 5


This happens when the stock app or other pieces of software attempts to access the camera, some of the most used such apps being Snapchat and Facebook or Instagram. This problem is also affecting Smart Unlock, it appears. A bug report has already been filled and a possible problem was identified.




The problem does not occur every time the Camera feature is activated as sometimes it works again after a restart. Even if this does happen, be assured that your phone is not fixed and a crash will occur again, at least until the bug is properly fixed.

We can only wait and hope for a fast fix for this camera crash nuisance.

Source: XDA via AndroidPolice

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Android 5.1 to fix manual sync disappearance from smartphone menus

People who like to control their smartphones from the inside out can now rest assured they can tinker and control every little portion of their device again. The manually sync button for accounts was missing from the Android 5.0 update and the only thing you could do was cancel sync, something you wouldn’t need anyway if you can’t sync stuff, right? With Android 5.1, everything will be OK in the world once more because you can manually sync your accounts again! Hooray!




Many probably didn’t even notice this little problem in Lollipop 5.0 because everything else worked fine, but those who disable certain fields on their accounts were probably horrified, right? If you disable Contacts or Calendar from the Google account sync options and have an Android 5.0 device, it would be hell for you to manually update your features, which means initiating sync. The reasons you may have for using manual sync accounts doesn’t even matter anymore, as you can rest assured that with 5.1, you’ll be totally covered again.

Source: AndroidPolice


Lollipop memory leak bug that frequently closed apps fixed

Android bugs


That annoying memory leak that caused apps to close on Lollipop-run devices is finally history as the Android Issue tracker suggests. This bug was around ever since the first preview and 1950 stars later it has been fixed and marked closed, which means it will be released in a following update.

The bug usually caused device memory to keep adding on until flooding without allowing the device to clear its memory which resulted in constant app crashes, especially the background sort of apps. Most Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 owners have been frustrated for a while now, but that can be stopped with a small update coming in the near future (we hope). The important thing is it has been fixed.

The most curious aspect of this bug is that it has received 1950 stars on the Android issue tracker, reaching number 34 on the bug top. It is also the most starred bug ever, apart from some old bugs dating from 2010, even if it has only been around for over a month and a half.

The Lollipop memory leak bug is marked for Future release, which means we can see it on our devices as soon as the next update? (Here’s hoping!)

Source: Android Issue tracker

Photo source: AndroidGuys


Nexus 6, Nexus9 and Nexus Player get official factory images on Google Devs page

The first Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 factory images are finally live and you can find them on Google Devs. The Nexus 6 image is codenamed LRX21O and the third Nexus 9 factory image available has the codename LRX21R.


Nexus binaries



The Nexus Player is getting its update as well, and it is codenamed LRX21V. These binaries will help stabilize the devices even more, as previous ROMs showed that not all bugs were fixed. Don’t think that this OTA is pure perfection either, as bugs always get found and need to be fixed and changes must be applied.


You can find the Nexus 6 binaries HERE, the Nexus 9 most recent factory image HERE and Nexus Player binaries HERE.

Happy flashing!


Source: Google Devs

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Android L new fixes – tethering and protocol fixes to be available in the next public release

Google is trying to release the most stable Android version yet, and L just seems to be that thanks to the early access given to third party developers and enthusiasts who work day and night to find and fix all sorts of bugs. Issues seem to be reported each day and, two weeks after the last big update, 18 more bugs are marked as fixed.

Among the usual fixes we can find protocols related to wireless and networking, visual tweaks and sensor-related problems. The interrupted tethering (Bluetooth, WiFi and USB) issue seems to be fixed along with issues regarding routing traffic through proxy servers. Among the fixed issues are Firefox crashes and WebView app crashes when Bluetooth permissions are set and virtual keyboard issues. You can find the detailed list HERE.

At the current time there are around 1100 reported bugs found on Android L’s dedicated issue tracker. Of those, around 60 have been fixed so far and a bit over 200 are marked closed, done, invalid or “wontfix” for certain reasons.

Source: Developer Preview Issue Tracker


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News Updates/Software

Motorola Moto G OTA update to Android 4.4.4

Motorola Moto G is getting an OTA update to Android 4.4.4 today. The update is being pushed to devices as we speak and what it does is upgrade users of the Moto flagship to the most recent Android version available.


Android 4.4.4 update to Moto G
Android 4.4.4 update to Moto G


The update is a bug fixer in most cases so you won’t find that much exciting news in between the lines. Among the solved problems are some security vulnerabilities and some stability issues. The update brings some interesting genuine design changes as well, including a new layout for the phone dialer and the option of pausing during a video recording in the camera app.

Source: Motorola


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