Blackberry Venice renders leaked – a curved screen Android Blackberry smartphone?

Blackberry Venice is reportedly on the way and it is powered by Android and not the proprietary OS that the Canadian company has used so far. This could mean an important step in Blackberry’s attempt at getting back to the relevant smartphone market or it could be another downfall eased by the team up with […]

AT&T purchase of DirecTV facilitates launch of new TV wireless package

AT&T will launch its own TV wireless package sometime in the near future, reports say. This decision comes right after the US carrier finished its acquisition of satellite TV driving force DirecTV. The launch of this telecom giant’s new nationwide packages of TV and wireless services will begin on August 10.     This is […]

HTC One M9 from AT&T gets OTA to Android 5.1.1 with camera improvements

HTC One M9 from AT&T is getting an OTA to Android 5.1 as we speak. The device is also getting some camera improvements along the way, so hit that Update button now if you haven’t already been prompted to update already.       The announcement was made official on Twitter yesterday by Mo Versi, […]

AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 gets OTA to Android 5.0.2 – see the changes here

AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 is getting an update to Android 5.0.2 today and plenty mid-range tablet users are bound to be happy. Most of the super-premium tablets on the market are already in on the Lollipop madness, and now it’s time for the less expensive handsets to get the same treatment.     […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active available at AT&T

When your previous experience has already taught you that you’d be better off with a brick phone than a sensible smartphone, you know it’s time for Samsung Galaxy S6 Active. Some of you are abusing your phones, willingly or not: you’re either clumsy and always drop your possession on concrete or carpets (best case scenario) […]

AT&T announces Samsung Galaxy S6 Active – you can buy it starting June 12th

The moment has come that AT&T has decided to out the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active and let the world rejoice in this workout/military-oriented device. You will be able to by your own device starting June 12 and it looks epic! If by epic you understand a cross-breed between a Galaxy S5 and an S6 with […]