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[Free game of the day] Heroes Tactics Mythiventures – mobile tactical RPG at its finest!

Heroes Tactics Mythiventures is now available for free on the Google Play Store. This little tactical RPG game will change your Android experience forever because we can never have too many games on our mobiles, right? If you have been looking for a good game from this genre, you should know that this title may just be the thing for you.


Heroes Tactics



Heroes Tactics Mythiventures has a nice fantasy story with you being part of the Dragon Tribe’s league of heroes who have to defeat the Demons of Hell once again. Your first and most important quest is to save Princess Loralyn, a leader of the tribe, and save the world. In order to bring peace back onto the land you will have to seal the Demon in the underground, and this will not be an easy task.


You can play the game in different ways: campaign, training grounds, guild recruiting, PvP arena mode, Scrimmage Tower, and Sky arena. Every type of gamer has a choice as you can juggle with story-driven gameplays, PvP adventures and treasure hunts.




You can get Heroes  Tactics Mythiventures for free on Google Play Store. It does have in-app purchases, but they are not necessary to enjoy the game itself. If you feel intrigued, give the mobile game a look below:





Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord trailer

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I loved mount & Blade series, it was pretty awesome to recruit people from villages, train and attack large towns and castles with them. so I was excited to hear the new iteration of the series Mount & blade 2 bannerlord is on its way! Check out the Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord trailer above.

On one hand im excited that the graphics got an overhaul, but man those battles could get real large….

Mount & Blade Large battle
Mount & Blade Large battle

Well what happens when you have 1000 or 1500 chars on single battlefield. Cant wait for the burning smell of my GFX card then 🙂 So what has Taleworld done in the past 5 years since the last copy of M&B? well they have designed, written & implemented a whole new game engine! Im hoping it is a fully moddable engine like their old one which really allowed modders a lot of freedom. Another cool additive is the replay system which allows us to replay old battles from various angles and points allowing for cinematic excellence, hopefully this will bring lots of awesome cuts of M&B battles to youtube in the near future.

They have added a whole new bartering system to the game. Some of you might be thinking, hmm did they clone the witcher series? well maybe, but the thing is I love the witcher series and they are my all time top fav games of their genre but they don’t own the bartering system in games, it has been there for a long time in many games.

mount & blade bannerlord barter

here’s a developer preview of how they designed parts of the game and why they designed it that way. such as the way they optimize the terrain to maximize view distance.

Info gleaned from various sources including by not limited to Taleworlds blog.

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Order and Chaos – the popular MMO RP game on Android devices turns free-to-play

Gameloft’s game Order and Chaos moved to the free games pouch on Google Playstore after a period of $0.99 discount from $6.99. It’s one of the most popular massive multiplayer online games from mobile platforms which does not require a monthly fee to pay as it happens with regular PC and console games, and in the past few months its price has steadily declined to $0.99 before becoming free-to-play.

Order &Chaos has in-app purchases so the game will not leave you stranded when you need help and you’re willing to pay for, but at the moment no reimbursement plan was established for the people who bought the game. Gameloft seems to celebrate its transition by offering runes for 50% off in-game and putting up an in-game shop sale as well. Apart from the financial changes, the game received an update in what concerns a PvP battlefield, new equipment and the ability to join battlefields. 

[pb-app-box pname=’’ name=’Order & Chaos Online’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]


SoulCraft 2 – a free RPG Android game on the Google Play Store

SoulCraft 2 is a new Android game coming on Google Play Store these days. It is a free game you can have on your smartphone or tablet and it represents the sequel to the original SoulCraft. The game presents itself as a random RPG game with angels and demons for prime races.

The game mechanic is pretty simple, in a hack and slash manner, with ranged and melee classes, yet not all units are available from the start, some you will have to unlock. The game looks good in general, with fancy lighting effects and special attacks with visual richness.

Of course, as with most free apps, you have in-app purchases and in-game won currencies. You get some gold as you go through stages and you can basically afford what you want without grinding if you pay. If you’re sold on this RPG fight between angels and demons and want it on your Android device, click HERE!