Galaxy Note 5 gets official TWRP support starting today!

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is already getting official TWRP support starting today. The GSM version is first in getting this type of support as we already know that most experimented users will bake their devices and flash different custom ROMs on them.     Which Galaxy Note 5 version gets support first? The Note 5 showed up officially mid-August and it is already available for purchase in many places of the world. The Note series remains one of the more popular phablet lines out there, and this can only mean that some owners will want to root and mod their device to their liking.   Team Win’s Recovery project custom recovery will allow users to mod their Note 5 as they see fit. Keep in mind that this official support version is available for the GSM Samsung Galaxy Note 5 version, which means that if your device is carrier-locked, this will not work for you. The download is available in the source link below.   Source: TWRP

How to make your rooted phone run faster

You just went through all the trouble of rooting your device just to get rid of some bloatware and get more access to the software side of your device, but how can you make your rooted phone run faster? Rooted smartphones always get an upper hand when it comes to being able to do what you want when you want and to just keep those pesky apps that shouldn’t take your phone over at bay. There’s got to be some things you can do to make your handset run smoother and faster now that you went through all that trouble, right?       Disclaimer: the next tips require skilled hands and if you are a novice at modding smartphones, you should not adventure in the world of drastically changing your smartphone’s software as things may go wrong in the process. Stick to more general steps that can help your device perform faster. Do not blame us if you do use any of the following tips and something goes wrong with your smartphone.   What can I do to make my rooted phone run faster? Update your custom ROMs   When you use a factory-sealed phone, you usually get a device with a stock ROM or official custom ROM. Usually, pre-existing operating systems are made to please the masses and you will definitely always find some features, apps and widgets that have no meaning or use to you. You can change that when you root a smartphone and get a custom ROM you can manipulate […]

Android Root Pros and Cons

We have all heard of rooting our android phones and how awesome it may be. Our own in house writer Anna has written an article about this previously. The procedure is simple enough, but is it worth doing? well I have some pros and cons of rooting listed below. The list is by no means complete, and will never be with all the new apps being released and procedures being found every day. so without further ado: Android Root Pros Customization You can customize your phone from themes to default applications. You can change launchers, phone calling app, contacts app etc at a whim. De-Bloat Phone carriers love to include bloatware and crapware with their phones. Rooting allows you to freeze or uninstall these applications so your phone runs better, faster and has better battery life. Backups You can backup individual apps, or entire partitions once you’re rooted so you can experiment with your phone or if you change phones you have a full backup. Custom 3rd party roms You can install custom roms to enjoy lower overhead, no tracking apps like carrierIQ or plain and simple more updated versions of android. Performance Ever hear of overclocking? which is basically making your phone go faster by allowing more voltage to go to the CPU or setting the control algorithms called governor to a different one that processes applications differently. rooting allows you to overclock, undervolt etc at whim. Apps Many carriers block certain apps because .. well mostly because of bullshit rules. Rooting allows you to install and enjoy any such apps. […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 gets Chainfire’s CF -Auto-Root ready for unlocked bootloaders

Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to make an appearance in a few weeks, but it already has an updated version of CF Auto Root ready to fire from Chainfire. Some versions of Galaxy S6 already have a root method this way, but keep in mind we’re talking only about the unlocked bootloader versions.     The new CF Auto Root version was already tested on a device and it was successful in receiving root. The first builds of the application are already available for SM-G925T and SM-G920T, otherwise known as T Mobile’s S6 Edge and S6. Sadly, Galaxy S6 versions from carriers will have locked bootloaders, which means the rooting process will be that more difficult. Rooting will require some exploiting, which is unknown at the moment because Samsung may patch it. If and when you take advantage of the CF Auto Root on a Galaxy S6, you should know that it may trip the KNOX security flag, which will render Samsung Pay disabled. Source: AndroidPolice

The European (N910F) Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is getting official CyanogenMod support

Samsung Galaxy Note 4, precisely the European N910F version, is getting some CyanogenMod nightly support. Lollipop has been running around to more Galaxy Note 4 variants lately, and CyanogenMod has been working on nightly versions for more Samsung products as well, one of them being the Note 4. A CM12 nightly is now available to the European version.     This is the first time that N910F is getting CyanogenMod support, which means there are bound to be bugs. In case you were looking for some nice custom Lollipop amazement on your European device and you have a rooted device with custom recovery installed, you can just download the 275MB file and have at it. Source: CyanogenMod

Verizon’s Xperia Z2 tablet gets OTA with PS4 remote play support and other changes

Verizon’s Xperia Z2 tablet is getting an OTA update with PS4 remote play support and a few other small changes. From now on you can remotely play games on your Verizon Sony Xperia tablet so you better push that “update now” button!       In order to be able to try Play Station 4 games remotely on your tablet over your home WiFi network, you will need to get the official Remote Play app and a Dual Shock 4 controller. This OTA brings the device to version 23.0.E.0.208 and it also includes improved support for TalkBack, a better performance for users who encrypt their device and optimized touch sensitivity. You will also spot small differences with icons, layouts and fonts, but they won’t be crucial to the overall experience.     The OTA does not update the Android version apparently, as the Xperia Z2 tablet retains its 4.4 build from July last year. The update will go out in batches so you may have to wait for a few hours or even days before it’s your device’s turn. Remember that any root modifications can make the update difficult or even impossible. Source: Verizon support