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Dropbox update brings native Adobe PDF viewing and word searching within files

Dropbox is one of the most used file sharing apps around and today it’s getting an important update. It can now view Adobe PDF files natively and it lets you search words within the PDF. PDF files can be directly shared from the viewer without having to download them as well.


Dropbox app


You can also search for text in Word Documents, and PowerPoint files with ease. The search word function will not work within documents from the main Dropbox screen but it will help people looking for specific words and who don’t want to download a document.

The update will be available very soon and you can already find it on APK Mirror under the update number Dropbox 2.4.9.


[googleplay url=””]


Linux shell

secure copy ( SCP ) howto 102

Secure Copy (SCP) provides a secure and authenticated method for copying files between hosts. SCP relies on Secure Shell (SSH).

Copy the file “somefile.txt” from a remote host to the local host

scp [email protected]:somefile.txt /some/local/directory

Copy the file “somefile.txt” from the local host to a remote host

scp somefile.txt [email protected]:/some/remote/directory

Copy the directory “somedir” from the local host to a remote host’s directory “anotherdir”

scp -r somedir [email protected]:/some/remote/directory/anotherdir

Copy the file “somefile.txt” from remote host “” to remote host “”

scp [email protected]:/some/remote/directory/foobar.txt \

[email protected]:/some/remote/directory/

Copying the files “somefile.txt” and “anotherfile.txt” from the local host to your home directory on the remote host

scp somefile.txt anotherfile.txt [email protected]:~

Copy the file “somefile.txt” from the local host to a remote host using port 1234

scp -P 1234 somefile.txt [email protected]:/some/remote/directory

Copy multiple files from the remote host to your current directory on the local host

scp [email protected]:/some/remote/directory/\{1,2,3\} .

scp [email protected]:~/\{somefile1.txt,somefile2.txt\} .