Emergency calls on Android Marshmallow devices to give nearest emergency centers and location

Android M, or Marshmallow as we all know it now, has an interesting and useful feature when it comes to emergency calls on Android Marshmallow devices.     Disclaimer notice: PLEASE don’t test this feature yourself unless you really have to make an emergency call or if you have confirmation from the police because, as […]

Marshmallow MPA44I developer preview available for flashing on Nexus 5, 6 and 9

Marshmallow MPA44I developer preview over the air update is available for all Nexus devices now. Not ALL nexus devices, just the most recent ones. Nexus OTAs are always a big deal and this time they seem to be more important than ever. Below you will see the official OTAs for the phase three developer preview […]

Android final M preview coming to Nexus 5, 6, 9 and Nexus Player

The Android final M preview images for some Nexus device are now available for download. After the official reveal of Android Marshmallow, Google announced the final stage in the Android M developer preview. This version is probably the final preview we will get before the official launch of Android 6.0 rumored to come this fall.   […]

Android Marshmallow IS the official name for Android 6.0

It’s official, the new Android M version is called Android Marshmallow! Many people on the Internet managed to guess the codename right ever since the update was announced, but there weren’t that many choices to pick from to begin with, to be honest.     The announcement was made today when the newest statue was […]

Android M app standby feature – automatic idle for unnecessary apps

Android M is almost upon us and its features are more talked about than ever. One of the more interesting options you will have come Android 6.0 is the app standby feature that will allow individual unused apps to shut down in order to save energy. What DOES app standby do to your apps?   […]

[How To’s] Android M Preview 2 for Nexus Devices

Google I/O 2015 has come and gone, and it brought many cool bits of news for us. One of the ones that caught my fancy was the Android M preview releases. I happen to have an Android Nexus 5 device handy and wanted to try M preview 2 which was recently released. If you don’t […]