Alphabet company goes live: Google reorganisation is official

Google is officially Alphabet starting today. Google Inc. completed the reorganizational move today and the stocks were part of it as they began to be traded as Alphabet on the Nasdaq. Each share of Google will be converted into Alphabet stock starting today.





The Mountain View, California-based company mentioned that it would create a new company with the aim of overseeing various projects and businesses that could change the world and that differ from the regular Internet-oriented portfolios that Google has been overseeing so far. These new possibilities include self-driving cars and ways to prolong human life.


Changing into Alphabet means that different divisions of Google will now have more independence. Nest takes care of internet-connected home appliances and Calico is researching ways to improve human life and health research.


A result of this reorganisation is the fact that the company will start to report its financial results by segments and not by cumulative results.


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Google Hangouts just got its own site today!

Google Hangouts just got its own sweet web page! After being an extension or an app for so long, Google’s response at a Messenger option finally got its own home and it is looking good. If you want to chat with a friend, have a voice call or send an emoji, you can do so from . Plus, you have everything related to your Google account, including your mobile device data, at a click’s distance!


Google Hangouts



This page has not broken from the parent domain, at least not yet. It appears that domain names are not Google’s priority, as someone else owns the Hangouts domain already.


Why did Google Hangouts change?

This change can be examined as an example of Google’s separation of services following the shift to Alphabet, along with the Photos product. How many people will switch from the Hangouts extension to the page version is unclear, but if more options appear, things could rapidly change.



Hangouts features



This change is a great branding exercise for Google. It is mainly done because the company is testing waters with powerful brands such as Facebook, Snapchat or Microsoft. Google now has Photos and Hangouts going on, while Facebook uses Messenger and Instagram as extensions of its services. More and more social media platforms are stretching their tendrils out and Google – being one of the most powerful entities on the internet – better get in the game.


Source: Techcrunch


Project Ara cancels Puerto Rico test market plans

Project Ara has been in the spotlight for a while now and, while progress has been made, it seems to be much farther from release than we thought. The smartphone that lets you swap important hardware components in order to upgrade your device one piece at a time was supposed to debut in Puerto Rico sometime this summer.


Project Ara



After three months of zero contact, it appears that plans are changing because the Project Ara team announced on Twitter that the market pilot is being rerouted to an undisclosed location. No other details were released except for the fact that more news will show up sometime next week. The team hinted that their device will eventually reach the Puerto Rico market.


This all follows the Google restructuring process where it becomes the largest subsidiary to Alphabet, the new holding company that presides over most of the previously held Google projects. It’s nice to know the project Ara is not over, at least not for the time being.


Source: TheVerge


Google Alphabet – what is Alphabet?

Google is now Alphabet!?

Ok so what is alphabet and why am I saying google is now alphabet? Well according to

Alphabet Inc. will replace Google Inc. as the publicly-traded entity and all shares of Google will automatically convert into the same number of shares of Alphabet, with all of the same rights. Google will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alphabet. Our two classes of shares will continue to trade on Nasdaq as GOOGL and GOOG.

So, google is now owned by a parent company by the name of Alphabet. Alphabet will allow google to divest of side projects which may become alphabet projects. Google founder Larry Page mentioned it would be a simplify the structure for what had become a diverse group of businesses.  mentioning focus on their core projects he said on google blogspot blog :

“This new structure will allow us to keep tremendous focus on the extraordinary opportunities we have inside of Google” “Our company is operating well today, but we think we can make it cleaner and more accountable” … ” The whole point is that Alphabet companies should have independence and develop their own brands.”

Google Alphabet is a reiteration of google’s promise to always try to do the best for their users and their investors. Lets see how they achieve this in the future but it seems like an interesting move.

The people at Google Alphabet

Some of the well-known faces around google will move around between Google & Alphabet while others will keep their positions and yet others will share roles between both. A simple breakdown, as revealed so far, is as following:

  • Larry Page – chief executive of Alphabet
  • Sundar Pichai – CEO of Google
  • Sergey Brin – President of Alphabet
  • Ruth Porat – CFO Google & Alphabet

When prodded about the name Mr Page said the name  Alphabet was chosen for two reasons, It represents language, “the core of how we index with Google search”, and because Alpha-bet means “investment return above benchmark, which we strive to do”.

So what moves from Google to ALphabet? Nest the home automation system, the research and investment division, Calico are notably moving to ALphabet.

This is very reminiscent of Warren Buffet’s massive holding company, Berkshire Hathaway, which owns lots of diversified holdings.


More to come as we find out more info.


Alphabet bought Google! Who owns the company that now owns Google?

Google has officially become a subsidiary of Alphabet. This may sound as an incredible deal but wait until you find out what Alphabet really means. Google just evolved into an umbrella-corporation that has bought itself, among other important projects. Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin will still hold the reins of the new conglomerate as CEO and president while Google the subsidiary will be run by Sundar Pichai.


Alphabet mock page



As CEO and president of Alphabet, Page and Brin will supervise their affiliate companies, including Google, and different projects such as Calico (a life-extension project) and Wing (a drone delivery system). Google’s own early-stage funding operations titled Ventures and Capital will have their own organizational structures involving CEOs and leadership, but Pichai and Google are still in charge of the original apps, ads, maps, YouTube, Android and the Play Store.


A recent blog post gave us a vague idea on what companies will be sharing Alphabet’s watchful eye and a placeholder site is up as well ( The gist of the situation is that every letter of the alphabet has a project or company attached to it. There are some letters that have not been assigned yet and we do not know where all of Google/Alphabet’s existing projects and pieces will fall.


Here is Alphabet’s ABC so far:


  • Alphabet – the parent company
  • B – possibly Boston Dynamics
  • Calico (longevity project)
  • Capital (investment)
  • Fiber
  • Google
  • Hooli
  • Life Sciences (glucose-sensing contact lens)
  • Nest
  • Ventures (investment)
  • X lab ( Wing – the drone delivery system).


Sundar Pichai, the former Chrome OS and Android chief officer, is now brought to a more preeminent position where he has more of a decisional pull than ever. This news kind of broke the Internet – or at least the tech-y site of it – earlier today because the announcement came from left field, but it seems that something has been changing from within Google for a while now.


The two founders have shown interest for more and more ambitious projects they either launched through Google X or different funding programs. Alphabet becomes the formalization of this “division” as it separates Google from everything new and ambitious that in the past may have meant a distraction, at least in the eyes of the media and public. It appears that the new divisions opening up are going to only increase the focus on Google’s products and future opportunities that may change the future.


Source: The Verge