Zoho Docs for Android finally on Google Play

My thoughts: Zoho docs is a viewer only, you cannot edit docs in it at this point just view already existing ones or uploaded new ones. which is sad but I suppose that’s why you have products like documents to go. zoho docs is decent, some people prefer it over google docs. personally I think there’s no reason for me to move to zoho when feature set is similar as far the viewers go and I need a new account for it whereas google docs has the same account shared on it AND i can edit and create docs as needed. others might disagree 🙂 just because Its an option there’s also a link to documents to go up there which is a “full featured” document editor and viewer that can access your google docs also. Zoho Description Zoho Docs for Android offers mobile access to your documents available on the web at http://docs.zoho.com. Zoho Docs is an online document management application for individuals and businesses. This mobile version extends access to your documents to Android mobiles. If you don’t already have a Zoho account, you can easily create one within the application. HIGHLIGHTS Access your documents created in online versions of Zoho Writer, Sheet, Show & Docs View documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDFs and other types of documents View shared documents Upload images from your mobile device directly to Zoho Docs Search to quickly find your documents Share your private documents to other Zoho users List view with Swipe tabs Remembers your account info so […]