CyanogenMod 13 spotted, will allow Wi-Fi calling where supported

CyanogenMod 13 is soon going to grace us with its custom presence and then you will not have to worry about losing your Wi-Fi calling feature on your new phone again. T Mobile just included the Wi-Fi calling on their most recent smartphones used in areas where the network is not able to penetrate yet. Until now, this was one of the best reasons for you to stay on Android stock, but it is no longer the case, if you like to adorn your device with a custom ROM.




A Cyanogen Inc. employee, namely former AOKP leader Roman Birg recently posted a photo on Google + showing T-Mobile Wi-Fi calling on a custom ROM build. This confirms statements that this will be CyanogenMod 13 in the near future, a custom ROM based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. This implementation will use some proprietary software plus some Wi-Fi calling code.




Although it is still in an incipient phase, Wi-Fi calling will soon become a norm for stock smartphones and custom ROM-using ones, especially since most carriers are allowing their customers to use off-contract phones. CyanogenMod 13 does not have an official release date as of yet, but alpha and beta builds will soon show up.


Source: Google+

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Sprint’s LG G3 and LG G Flex are getting WiFi calling and security fix OTAs

Sprint’s LG G3 and LG G Flex are getting an OTA Monday December 1st, and what they’re getting is Wi Fi calling. In case you have one of these devices and you are a Sprint customer, you can expect for some new software this coming week.


LG G3 will be getting to version ZV26 whereas the G Flex will be getting ZV9. The devices are not getting Lollipop because the OTA change log shows only bug and security fixes and Wi Fi international calling. The updates are not listed on the device’s official Sprint pages at the moment.


Apart from Wi Fi calling, LG G3 is getting some security patches coming directly from Qualcomm and Google, some fixes and improvements when it comes to the homescreen, lockscreen, aux cable detection and compass app.


LG G Flex is getting better HD voice sound quality and Google security patches.


Around 40% of current users will be getting the update next week, whereas the rest will be getting the OTA in the following three days. It appears that someone at XDA devs already got their hands on a flashable ZIP file for the G3 device. If you want to head over there and get your update manually, you can safely click HERE.


Source: AndroidPolice

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Sprint Samsung Galaxy Mega and HTC EVO 4G LTE get OTA updates

Sprint recently announced an OTA update for its Samsung Galaxy Mega and HTC EVO 4G LTE. The devices don’t get the exact changelogs but they do get more of the same updates.

Galaxy Mega is one of the bigger phones on the market and it already has KitKat, which means this OTA is not such a big deal. It does include Wi Fi calling, some security patches and HD Voice Icon. Its OTA update version number is L600VPUBNI3.




HTC EVO 4G LTE has even less to brag about as the device itself is over 2 years old and has no update to KitKat yet. Its version number is 3.17.651.9 and it brings about just some small security patches, which is not bad, but not that great either.




The update is going out in stages so, if you haven’t received it yet, you have to keep your cool for a few more hours (or days).

Source: Sprint Galaxy Mega, EVO 4G LTE


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T Mobile OTA updates for Samsung Galaxy Avant, S5, Note 3, LG G3, and HTC One M8 – Wi-Fi calling fixes and upgrades included

 T Mobile issues update for some of its lesser known devices, including Samsung Galaxy Avant, Note 3, LG G 3 and HTC One M8. Today, four devices sold by T Mobile are getting their due updates to Android OS versions and a few other fixes and new features are thrown in the mix.

Flagships are getting an OTA update whereas the Avant is getting a downloadable update to Android 4.4.2 which needs the Samsung Kies program to download. Avant gets Wi Fi calling in its 103MB download.

T Mobile recommends users to keep at least 50% of the battery and a standard solid Wi Fi connection before starting to download the update.

LG G3 is getting a 156 MB download and stays at Android 4.4.2, whereas HTC One M8 remains at its 4.4.3 build with a 155 MB download. The Galaxy Note 3 stays at its Android 4.4.2 with a minuscule update of 78MB.

Users can wait for the OTAs to come by themselves or they can proceed to manually download the ZIP files and update. Root users, beware! Errors or permission losses may occur. Galaxy Avant users, your update is manually downloaded and simple to update.

Samsung Galaxy S5 is getting its own OTA update and it receives T Mobile’s free inflight texting feature.

The Wi Fi calling improvements given by T Mobile incorporate the Gogo Inflight Texting, a feature that is part of the Un-carrier 7.0. 

Source: T Mobile


HTC One M7 from T Mobile gets OTA update to Android 4.4.3; Wi Fi Calling enhancement included

HTC One M7 from T Mobile is bound to get an update to Android 4.4.3 tomorrow and Wi Fi calling enhancements are included. The OTA update was announced on Twitter today by Mo Versi, the HTC Vice President of Product Management.


Wi Fi calling has been supported by T Mobile for a while now and the feature is basically a way of bypassing poor mobile connections by using a home network instead. The update is supposed to increase the service quality and enhance the overall experience on the HTC One M7.

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Sprint’s LG G Flex gets an update with security fixes and Wi Fi calling, among others

LG G Flex from Sprint just got an update with a few tweaks today. The device is probably (surely) not the best on the planet, but its curves attract the audience like a magnet. Although there may not be many such devices from Sprint curving around, they get the ZV7 update which will add some new features and fixes.

What you basically get is Voice over Wi Fi, which means you get to call people on Wi Fi rather than over network, where Sprint does not offer such stable support, and a Google Patch for SMS and Security, which probably means some Open SSL bugs are solved. It is not an update to 4.4.4, where Android fixed most existing Open SSL bugs. Other updates are HD Voice Icon and an Update on email signatures.

Sprint started rolling the update today and it will take until July 16th to catch all LG G Flex devices.

Source: Sprint