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ASUS ZenWatch to sell in Japan, UK, Germany and France starting today

Asus ZenWatch is one of the most stable Android Wear devices out there – at least those at a first generation level –, and its price is helping it stay afloat. The device, sold only in US stores until now, is available in UK, Japan, Germany and France starting today.


Asus Zenwatch



ZenWatch has a great real leather band and a good 1.63” AMOLED at 320×320 screen. The US price is $199, but it will be different in the new countries, but it will remain on the low end of the price spectrum.

Source: GoogleSupport

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Android Wear companion app updated – changes to be implemented soon

The Android Wear companion app on Android is receiving a material redesign that will finally change its face for the better. The change is first seen in some leak photos from Phandroid where the overall look of Android Wear seems improved with new design and new features.

The new app version will support taking screenshots of attached Wear devices. The overflow menu will contain new features such as the option to disconnect which is moved from the action bar, the features to forget a device, screenshots and bug reports. The design is a little bit closer to the Lollipop UI itself, and it may bring about some fixes for notification bugs on Android 5.0.

The Android Wear app needs a new version of Google Play services (6.5.75). The app update and the Play services update are not available for download at the moment, but soon we will be able to see them on our devices.

Source: Androidpolice

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HTC rumored to work on its own Android Wear smartwatch

A few days after Apple launched its new and bright Apple Watch, HTC decides to keep track of its late project: the Toq-like smartwatch. It appears that HTC is still working on its own wearable device and it will be unveiled sometime in early 2015, sources say. The Taiwanese company is apparently working on a distinguishable device in terms of looks and functionality.

HTC would push its device on a heating market where Samsung already has six devices and Apple finally released its first such wearable. LG and Motorola are attacking the market with their own new portables, yet none stood out so far.

HTC Smartwatch rendered image, EVLeaks
HTC Smartwatch rendered image, EVLeaks


The wearable niche market is struggling to find a leader at the moment and, considering HTC is always finding innovative ways of transforming its devices into successes, a Wear device may just well be the next best thing!

Even if all tech companies are trying to push wearables, the sales are pretty low. Less than 1 percent of consumers in Europe, US, China, Australia and Japan own a smartwatch. 51% of the bunch prefers Samsung wearable, whereas 17% uses Sony and 6% chooses Peble wearables.

HTC is said to be working on a Toq-like device which could prove to be less than a success on the Android Wear-able market where every player is trying to make a better and faster wearable. It is possible HTC scrapped its initial plan and is now working on an Android Wear device as well, since all of this info is based on rumors. The Taiwanese have a press event in New York on Oct. 8 and we might find out more about a HTC wearable then, even if chances are slim, according to sources.

Source: Cnet


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Android Wear 2.0 to release on October 15

Android Wear 2.0 will be released on October 15th, sources say. No official details are known as of yet, but GPS and Bluetooth headphone support are good guesses. Even if no real details are known yet, a recent CNET interview revealed the launch of a Wear OS update. We do not know what devices are getting the update and when they will receive it, but we do know a minor update will reach Wear devices next week.

The information is not official, but credible, and AndroidPolice says they rely on the source of this news.

Wear 2.0 will bring lots of bug fixes, new features and some new devices as well, considering the multitude of Wear devices announced at IFA Berlin this week. The update is also well timed with the launch of G Watch R and the Moto 360, the two most important Wear devices of the year. The update could be related to their particular launch as well. Stay tuned for more info!

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Apps News

Bring! Shopping list available on Google Play Store – bring your shopping list on your phone!

Bring! Shopping list is finally available for Android and the app brings Android Wear support with it in one shot!

The app itself is an intuitive shopping list easy to use where you don’t have many things to understand to make it work. It’s rather easy really; all you have to do is start it up and begin adding things to the list. At the store, the user can tap the items he/she has in the cart to take them off the list. Easy as pie, right?

The app has a free list sharing and Wear support (it’s the first shopping list app that supports Wear devices too). The app itself is free, but it offers in-app purchases too. You can find it in the Play Store by clicking the widget below!

[pb-app-box pname=’ch.publisheria.bring’ name=’Bring! Shopping List’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]


The Rumor mill: Samsung may be working on a circular smartwatch of its own

Motorola and LG are not the only manufacturers ready to launch a circular-design smartwatch in the near future. Samsung is said to be thinking about the same thing and Gear 2 Solo, the SIM-enabled device ready by the South-Koreans may make an appearance at next week’s Unpacked event as a precursor to a yet unknown Gear model that is reportedly being developed as we speak.

SamMobile reports that the newest Gear device is circular, but a launch date is unknown at the moment. The operating system it will support is also unknown, but the reality of a circular Samsung smartwatch is not a surprise.

This year’s most anticipated device is Moto 360 and this is mostly due to its deferential design and premium materials. In case the device proves to be a real success, Samsung may consider bringing its own circular smartwatch to light sooner than expected. 

Source: SamMobile

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