Adobe Premiere Clip available on the Google Play store

Adobe Premiere Clip is available on Android devices now too! The software as been around on PCs and Macs for a looong time and a mobile version for iPads and iPhones was released earlier last year. Now it is finally time for the Android devices to enjoy. Plus, the app is not destined for professionals only; it was made for everyone’s enjoyment.     Premiere Clip will attempt to make video editing easier by automatically creating a video from your photos and recordings. The app will also try to match the resulting video to a soundtrack you provide. The music you choose can come from your media library or from an existing set of royalty-free music. You have access to editing from inside the app and you can transfer parts of your project to a desktop version of premiere without ever losing your markers or edits.     What could Adobe Premiere Clip have over other apps that take on video creation? Name recognition for one. Of course, the desktop integration feature could be very useful itself, as you will get more time and space to create the perfect video on the go or in one sitting at your desk. Give the app a look below:  

YouTube Red goes live today! Watch videos with no more pesky ads!

The age of ad-free videos and music is upon us as YouTube Red goes live starting today! When you open your YouTube app or page today, you will see a new logo for the Red feature and you may get bombarded with some ads prompting you to try it out… by buying it, of course.       The irony of it all is that, in order to escape 15-second pre-roll ads or click to escape banners, you will have to sit through one about YouTube Red anyway. The feature is allowed on any platform where you log in and it requires you to pay $9.99 per month to be ad-free. That’s not all you get for this money though, as you will also get offline caching that lets you view videos offline, plus some exclusive content from popular YouTubers that you will not be able to see elsewhere (at least not legally – lets be honest, we all know how the Internet works already).     You can get a subscription by paying up to Red directly or if you already have a Play Music subscription already available. The price for each feature is the same, and if you buy one sub, you get the other for free. You can also get a 1 month free trial of YouTube Red if you want to be sure about what you are getting before signing up your money for it. You can give it a look at the source link below.   Source: YouTube […]

Facebook launches Riff – a video sharing app that lets you collaborate with friends!

Facebook just launched a new app in the form of Riff, a video making application where friends can get together and make videos by using this social network. It’s not a joke, folks, this is really happening!       Riff will let users shoot videos up to 20 seconds long and share them on Facebook for the rest of the world to see. You get no editing tools and you cannot upload videos you film outside of this app. You basically record, review the result and if you like it you post it online. The goal for this app is not to get the most likes but to add your original videos. This way, everyone can make small clips based on the same theme for example, and everyone’s personal taste and creativity comes through. Friends can thus create series of videos where everyone contributes something and this way a project is spread throughout a community and maybe the world! Riff is free to use, but you need a Facebook account to be able to record videos with it.   [googleplay url=””]

Robert Downey Jr and HTC band together for HTC One M9 promo virals

Robert Downey Jr and HTC are in cahoots again and this time it’s all about the colors of technology and comedy. The Iron Man himself starred in 10 short creatives meant to promote the new One M9 and his charisma and ability to entertain ooze from each of the few-seconds-long videos.     In these briefs, color is the unifying medium in which Downey Jr and a few accomplices go through some incredible adventures filled with artistic references. In one short Downey Jr and Brian Schaeffer plug a grenade into a light socket while in another they fight on who is the dominant bunny. The perpetual tagline seems to be “HTC. One Life. Make it Count”. And it is accompanied by other phrases meant to highlight different HTC features. You can see them all below.   Source: HTC

YouTube Music Key rolling out to Play Music All Access subscribers only

YouTube Music Key is rolling out today, and only All Access subscribers are getting it. The app presents offline playback from YouTube at 360p or 720p, ad-free music videos and background playback. If you subscribed and have the app on your mobile, you can use it on the web as well.   The rollout is limited to Play Music All Access subscribers, even those who didn’t subscribe to the app specifically. An expanded rollout to those who subscribed for YouTube Music Key could follow in a few days.   Source: AndroidPolice

Instagram reveals Hyperlapse – the app that makes the best quality time-lapse videos

Instagram reveals Hyperlapse, the app that allows you to take the best videos and photos yet! And you won’t have to change your device either! Smartphone users can now shoot time-lapse videos that look much more stable than before and that even resemble professional videos. The app does not have filters or editing tools as you simply record a video and choose the speed you want it to play back at. A 1x speed will result in a pretty clear image and a decent looking video whereas choosing a 12x speed will lead to a usual time-lapse track. Users can choose to save their video or share it with friends on Instagram and Facebook. The Apple release will release very soon on the Appstore whereas the Android version will have to wait a little longer for updates on the Camera APIs.  Source: Instagram [wdsm_ad id=”1484″ class=” ” ]