LG G4 on US Cellular gets OTA to Android 6.0 Marshmallow

If you are in the US and you have an LG G4 on US Cellular, you may want to check your update section soon. Everyone is hoping for Marshmallow right now, and most are getting it – if they have flagshippy devices, that is. The rest of us have to wait for a custom ROM to flash on our old decrepit phones, sadly.       If you have an LG G4 and you are an US Cellular customer you are susceptible for the much-desired Android 6.0 update. After you download and install the newest OS version, you will get better life battery mostly. Don’t forget the increased battery life on your LG G4.   This OTA will get your phone to software number US99120b. You should check your Settings → About Phone screen to be sure you’re updated to that increased battery life.   Source: AndroidPolice  

T Mobile and US Cellular begin pre-sales for LG G4

T Mobile is joining everyone else in announcing its own LG G4 launch complete with pre-sales. You can buy LG’s 2015 flagship on the contract-free setup for $599.76 or you can pay it in 24 rounds $24.99 each. You also get a free limited 128GB microSD card – but supplies will only last for so long.     According to T-Mobile, their G4 is exclusive in brown leather, whereas Verizon has tenure over the white plastic cover device.   This is not all as US Cellular will also start pre-sales this week, more exactly on May 29th. Their LG G4 will be exclusive in a black leather back, but you can also get it in plastic cover versions. It costs $199 on-contract and US Cellular is also throwing in a free 32GB microSD card, an extra battery and a charging cradle if you buy your G4 from them until June 21st. This is actually an LG promotion, but some carriers (T-Mobile, for example) don’t mention it. The official release date for the G4 in actual stores is June 4. Source: T Mobile, US Cellular

US Cellular Moto E LTE and Moto X 2014 get OTA to Android 5.1

Motorola announced the Android 5.1 update a few weeks ago via a soak test in some countries but those times are nearly over as US Cellular has recently posted update details on their site. It appears that Moto E LTE and Moto X 2014 are getting a Lollipop update.     When you go to the system update menu of your device you should be able to get the OTA. Your device will have to be completely stock and you will need a stable WiFi connection for this to work. This small update improves stability, solves a few minor UI problems and it makes a few changes to certain features. It’s not a big update in itself, but it’s always best to be as updated as possible.   Source: US Cellular

US Cellular’s Samsung Galaxy Note 3 gets OTA to Android 5.0

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 owners from US Cellular can hit that update button now (or wait for the prompt to update) as they are joining the rest of the world for that Lollipop update. The OTA can be had via Samsung Skies or if you go to the update menu and get the Android update via WiFi.     This update brings about more animations, a priority mode, multi-user and a new lock screen, among others. It is based on 5.0, but we expect most of the bugs from the first iteration of the OTA were fixed. It could also be that this is the last update Note 3 will ever see, at least on US Cellular. Source: US Cellular

LG G3 from US Cellular is getting update to Android Lollipop

If you have an LG G3 from US Cellular, tap that update button now because you’re getting an update to Android 5.0 as we speak. When G3 showed its 1080p screen to everyone, it became a monster in the eyes of the competition, showing that a 2560 x 1440 resolution can make a difference. That resolution is now going to show Lollipop in its entire splendor, at least on US Cellular devices.       This update brings the smartphone to version US99020a. Some customers have already confirmed the update themselves. Those who cannot receive the update OTA can download the full ROM and flash it manually. It’s only 1.2 GB. Other users will see the notification pop up on their screens any time now. Source: US Cellular

US Cellular Samsung Galaxy S5 gets update to Android Lollipop

If you are a US Cellular client and have a Samsung Galaxy S5 from them, you should have already received the OTA to Android Lollipop. It is one of the few remaining carriers to drag on with the update, but as long as it comes, we’re ok, right?     What you get is the usual Lollipop with a TouchWiz flavor. This update brings the device to firmware number G900R4VXU1BOC1 and you can either wait for it to prompt your device naturally or you can manually flash via Samsung Kies. Source: US Cellular via AndroidPolice