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Samsung Gear S2 teaser officially released – expect official launch at IFA Berlin

Samsung Gear S2 is finally shown to us in all of its teaser splendor as Samsung releases the teaser video from the Unpacked event. The smartwatch will be officially unveiled at the IFA in Berlin in a couple of weeks, but now we can see for ourselves just what the teaser was all about.


Samsung Gear S2



The video of this Samsung Gear S2 device shows its most preeminent features such as the user interface. We can also see some shots of the watch faces, weather apps and maps and the stopwatch UI. Since it does not all look like stock Android Wear, we can safely assume that the device will have some form of custom Samsung software like Tizen. The device also hints at a built-in heart rate monitor.



The Gear S2 will have apps positioned in a ring of thumbnails and we will also have a rotating bezel. The UI itself seems to be built around the navigational ring. This could very well be one of the contenders for Apple’s smartwatch.


The video shows a Samsung Gear S2 with a possibly metallic body and a Super AMOLED panel. Under the chassis you should find something like a 1.2 GHz Samsung Exynos 3472 chipset with 768MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage. The device should support Wi-Fi, call support and 3G.


The Gear S2 will be officially released on September 3rd, in Berlin. That’s about all we know about it so far, folks!


Source: Youtube


Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch to run on Tizen and change appearance

Samsung ’s next smartwatch is said to be smarter, better and easier to navigate. Plus, is will change its design a little bit and slim its bezels down! The next Galaxy Gear will reportedly have a round rotatable bezel that will be used for navigation and zoom in and out of photos. The round face of the device is a given considering that it will facilitate rotating the bezels for easier content access.


Samsuntg Galaxy Gear



The info was relayed at the Tizen Developer Summit 2015 held in Bangalore, India, last week. This is pretty much all we know about it so far, as no other details were unveiled to the public.


Will the new Galaxy Gear device save Samsung ’s smartwatch line?


The new Samsung smartwatch is codenamed Orbis, but its final name is allegedly Gear A. It is supposed to run on Tizen, Samsung’s own watch software. It is possible that the device will be unveiled on August 13th, at a press event, when the South Korean manufacturer will launch its two phablets, Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus. The gear watches have not been so well received, which means this could be a great step towards acceptance or the final nail in the coffin.


The new Galaxy gear device is rumored to have 768MB of RAM plus 4GB of storage and lots of sensors: a Wi-Fi chip, a GPS and a heart rate sensor, plus a digital crown win an undisclosed function.


Considering the fact that Apple is munching on high-end content and the Chinese manufacturers are taking over the low-end spectrum of the market, Samsung finds itself in a tough position that only toughens with every passing day. We shall see if they manage to get back on the high horse with their newest devices as sales have dipped across its entire smartphone line.


Source: Mashable

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HTC rumored to work on its own Android Wear smartwatch

A few days after Apple launched its new and bright Apple Watch, HTC decides to keep track of its late project: the Toq-like smartwatch. It appears that HTC is still working on its own wearable device and it will be unveiled sometime in early 2015, sources say. The Taiwanese company is apparently working on a distinguishable device in terms of looks and functionality.

HTC would push its device on a heating market where Samsung already has six devices and Apple finally released its first such wearable. LG and Motorola are attacking the market with their own new portables, yet none stood out so far.

HTC Smartwatch rendered image, EVLeaks
HTC Smartwatch rendered image, EVLeaks


The wearable niche market is struggling to find a leader at the moment and, considering HTC is always finding innovative ways of transforming its devices into successes, a Wear device may just well be the next best thing!

Even if all tech companies are trying to push wearables, the sales are pretty low. Less than 1 percent of consumers in Europe, US, China, Australia and Japan own a smartwatch. 51% of the bunch prefers Samsung wearable, whereas 17% uses Sony and 6% chooses Peble wearables.

HTC is said to be working on a Toq-like device which could prove to be less than a success on the Android Wear-able market where every player is trying to make a better and faster wearable. It is possible HTC scrapped its initial plan and is now working on an Android Wear device as well, since all of this info is based on rumors. The Taiwanese have a press event in New York on Oct. 8 and we might find out more about a HTC wearable then, even if chances are slim, according to sources.

Source: Cnet


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