[I/O] Android M developer preview to allow Dark UI mode change

If Lollipop did something wrong, it was the white system theme, as many say, and it appears that Android M is going to change that and offer people more options to choose from. The preview M edition will offer users the option of enabling the new material dark system mode.


Android M theme


This new theme option has selections for light, which are the default, dark and automatic. When you turn on the dark mode, the setting screens will turn to material dark. The automatic mode may be the one that switches to white or dark depending on time.


This is all a preview feature, which means that the dark theme option may be in development or it may not even pass to go live in the final release. If you have a Nexus 5, 6, 9 or Nexus Player feel free to download and flash the preview.


Source: Android Police

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Team Win Recovery Project gets materialized themes from XDA dev

Team Win Recovery Project just got its material design themes from z31s1g, a XDA developer. It was about time that outdated screen got a makeover!





One XDA developer wanted to change the way TWRP looks and he finally managed to make the feature look much more in sync with Lollipop. The screen is changed every time, even when you run scripts or wipe partitions. You can get a light or a dark variant and pick your favorite from the 15 available colors.


This new materialized TWRP theme supports resolutions from HVGA (320×480) to QHD (1440×2560) and in order to have support for it, you will need TWRP version 2.8 or above.


In order to download and activate the theme, go to XDA devs.

Source: XDA