YouTube Gaming launches tomorrow! Twitch’s competitor goes live

YouTube Gaming is getting launched in just a few hours. Google has been testing its newest service for months now and it appears that it is keeping its word of launching it sometime in 2015. This is supposed to be a Twitch competitor after all. All regions that have access to YouTube will have access to the streaming feature.


youtube gaming



This service is one of the first serious competitors to Amazon-owned hit Twitch. Google wanted to buy the original service, but that deal fell through and Amazon swooped in and got it for themselves.


YouTube Gaming could change the face of streaming because it will allow users to store their sessions indefinitely, which cannot be said by Twitch, where streams get deleted after some time. Some Twitch streamers even upload their sessions to YouTube for archival purposes and post-viewing. This could make things much easier for them, depending on how things go.


The Gaming service will be available worldwide but the mobile apps will be available in the US and UK at first. The Android app will go live tomorrow.


Source: AndroidPolice

Apps News

[App of the week] Meerkat – the live streaming service connected to social media steps on Periscope competition with a stable Android version

Meerkat just stepped on the competition by announcing the release of its first stable 1.0 build, well ahead of the direct competitor Periscope. The little social media app managed it all without the help of huge companies like Twitter and without postponing the Android app version like other apps (*cough, looking at you Periscope, *cough).




The social media streaming app has been taking its time in releasing the first stable 1.0 build by minutiously changing things like duplicate tweets, video freezes, notifications and streaming over its closed beta release.

Just in case you don’t know what this app is, Meerkat is a live video streaming service that lets users peek and comment on live videos others are willing to share. It does not have a past broadcast or re-run option so you either catch the live show or you miss it. It does however save the video locally for the person streaming and it delivers instant notifications to followers when you start streaming.


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Hybrids News

Google Nexus Player and wireless gamepad available for pre-purchase starting today

The age of Google Nexus Player has come and, starting today, everyone can pre-order Google’s first game wireless controller as well. Even if the Nexus Player managed to reach the market after passing through some rigorous FCC tests, now it can finally be preordered along with its Gamepad. The media streaming and game console is available for purchase at $100 whereas the new control gamepad will sell for $49.


Nexus Player


Google’s new Nexus Player is an alternative to Amazon’s Fire TV streaming media and games console. The Gamepad will make Android gaming much easier for enthusiasts who are interested enough in buying the hybrid product. The best part of the Player is that you can download your favorite Android games and play them via Gamepad on HDTV if you so desire.


Google Nexus Player has a 1.8 GHz Intel Atom quad-core processor helped by 1GB of RAM and an Imagination PowerVR Series 6 Graphics 2D/3D Engine. The device has 8 GB of internal storage and Bluetooth and 802.11 ac WiFi connectivity.

Source: Geeky Gadgets


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Deals News

T-Mobile quadruples Simple Starter data plan to 2 GB for $5 extra a month

T-Mobile is quadrupling its data plan for $5 extra per month starting September 3rd. Sprint and T-Mobile are always in a war of prices, services and quality and this time T-Mobile is trying to get ahead on all aspects by enlarging its Simple Starter Plan Data allotment… at a price, of course!

For $5 extra a month, customers will get an upgrade from 500 MB to 2 GB of LTE data. This limited-time offer will debut on September 3rd and it does not interfere with the Simple Choice Plan, which is supposed to remain the same.

Why would you choose a $50 plan when you can pay $45 for twice the LTE data?

The answer is rather simple: with the Simple Choice Plan, you get unlimited data with the reduced speeds after 1 GB and unlimited music streaming from certain music services that don’t count against the plan. With the Simple Starter, the data service gets cut off after you finished your allocated 2 GB of data and you cannot access free music and tethering.

Sprint has just introduced a $60 plan with unlimited data and T-Mobile reached out to its clients with a similar offer. We shall see which proves to be the more popular offer. 

Source: T Mobile

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Netflix increases prices by $1, current customers not involved… yet

Netflix decided to increase its prices for European and US citizens alike. The movie and TV show streaming service changed its price change for the new customers only for now, but that will not last for long and old customers will feel this increase in price soon. The $1 rate increase per month is not that much, but considering Redtube sells its service for $8 as well, some new customers could choose another streaming service much easier.

Netflix mentioned existing customers will not get a price or plan change for the next two years, but as comforting as that may be, changes are coming. For now, current customers will pay $7.99 per month for the service whereas new customers will be charged $8.99.