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Android Wear update announced by Sony

A new update for Android Wear was announced yesterday and, even if the version number was undisclosed, we assume we’re talking about 5.1. Sony even confirmed the update and added some details.


Android wear


Here are some interesting facts Sony revealed:

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  • Much like your Android smartphone, the new Android Wear update will bring pop up notifications (even when you’re looking at something else), meaning you’ll never miss anything important
  • New adjustable font sizes… will let you can see more or less of the text on-screen



These updates refer to Sony Smartwatch 3, but we are pretty sure they are applicable to all Wear devices.

Source: Sony

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Sony Smartwatch 3 with a stainless steel body starts selling in February

Sony Smartwatch 3 is getting a makeover in February and the ugly smart accessory will be getting a more metallic look. Technically speaking, the first Sony Android Wear device is sound, but aesthetically it has never been one of the best looked at hand straps of the bunch.


Smartwatch 3


The new Smartwatch 3 version will be dressed in stainless steel on the body and on the strap too. The watch now looks more like a watch that accentuates more the usage of its screen rather than hides it.


Sony Smartwatch 3


The Sony device will be selling starting February and it even gets an adaptor made specifically for the Smartwatch 3 that allows you to fit any standard 24nm band on the gadget. Sony did not mention anything about the price yet, but it will definitely be much more expensive than the existing model selling at $249.99.

Source: Sony Mobile

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RunKeeper update brings GPS support for Android Wear

RunKeeper, everyone’s favorite fitness tracker, is now updated to support GPS on Android Wear devices. Some wear devices have interesting features that you can take advantage of, and Sony SmartWatch 3 is one of those interesting devices that have incorporated GPS. The Android 4.4w.2 update lets the app take advantage of it.


This new RunKeeper version lets you start it on the SmartWatch 3 and other watches with GPS and you can even leave your phone at home. The data connection will be inexistent but the GPS data can sync to the phone app when you come in range with it. Moreover, the Android Wear devices support Bluetooth music streaming. The update also adds SMS Audio BioSport Earbud support which measures your heart when you workout.

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Accessories News

Sony SmartWatch 3 available for purchase on the Google Play Store

Sony SmartWatch 3 is the newest product you can buy from the Google Play Store starting today! The device has been available on the platform since mid-October, but it was marked as coming soon. Now, that wait is over and you can get yours for $249.99.

The smartwatch is destined to fitness-loving folks and design-wise it has a metal frame with a luxurious feel. Inside, you will find a 1.2 GHz quad-core ARM Cortex A7 processor with 512 MB of RAM and 4GB of storage. The display is 320 x 320 and rated IP68 and all of the above are powered by a sturdy 420 mAh battery.

Smartwatch 3 is the first Android Wear device to ship with a GPS chip available, which means it may take advantage of it in the next platform version. The device is only available with a black strap at the moment and, if you don’t mind the lack of choice, you can get yours on your wrist in just a few days!

Source: Sony on Google

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Android Wear 4.4W.2 build KNX01Q rolls out to LG G Watch, other devices to follow

Android Wear 4.4W.2 build KNX01Q has begun rolling out on LG G Watches today, and among the most important updates you will find GPS support and Offline Music support. These updates solve a nagging problem Gear users have been having: not being able to listen to offline music via Bluetooth and not being able to track activities without a phone. The LG G Watch is the first Wear device which benefits from these interesting additions so far.

Sadly, G Watch doesn’t have an incorporated GPS chip, so the support will not be that much helpful by itself. The only Gear device that will benefit from the GPS support feature will be Sony Smartwatch 3 which will receive the update “soon”, as shown on the Play Store.

LG G Watch is now capable of pairing with Bluetooth audio devices and, even if it is still unclear how you can transfer your music to the watch, you can play existing music. It is also unclear if the new Play Music option initiates playback only from the phone or from the watch as well when it is disconnected. Another update to the Android app on the phone may completely unlock the music option.

The update is released in stages and most people will have to patiently wait for the update.

Source: +David Callaway  , Androidpolice


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