LG G Vista 2 – mid-range smartphone with bigger screen and a stylus

LG G Vista 2 is a stylus-packed smartphone announced by the South-Korean OEM that is supposed to attack the mid-range market this winter. This is the bigger yet weaker flagship version released earlier this year and it is dedicated to people who want a good LG but can’t pay the full flagship price. In the […]

HTC One A9 review: preview for an intriguing flagship

HTC One A9 was announced and officially showed up today and it may very well just be the company’s last attempt at salvation. We all know HTC is not doing so well financially speaking lately, and this new flagship is aiming to change that. But, over the past few weeks, leaks after leaks kept sprouting […]

Qualcomm reveals more about Snapdragon 430 and 617 SoCs

Qualcomm details surrounding its newest processors have been revealed today. It appears that the new Snapdragon 430 and 617 SoCs will soon be used on mid-range devices and now we can tell you just a little more about what they can do.       These new chips come with interesting feature support usually found […]