The Talos Principle – philosophy and puzzles on NVIDIA-run devices

The Talos Principle is a new game coming from Devolver Digital and Croteam and it tries to put together some successful genres, but with a twist. The not so good side of this game is that it will only work on devices with NVIDIA K1 or X1 hardware. At the moment, that includes NVIDIA Shield […]

SHIELD LTE tablet gets update to Android Lollipop 5.0 in the US

The SHIELD LTE tablet is getting an Android Lollipop update in the US. The 8” Nvidia tablet is finally getting an update and all US users are having something new for these Thanksgiving holidays (even if it’s just an OS).   The WiFi version of SHIELD got its update a week ago and at the […]

NVIDIA Shield owners rejoyce! Portal and Half Lofe 2 available on Google Store

NVIDIA Shield owners will be happy today as the new Portal and Half Life 2 games were ported and can now be found on the Google Play Store. They are only available for the device because they need a controller to be played. Each costs around $10. Considering they are older games from the Valve […]