Google Play Music Family plans go live in UK, USA, and more

Google Play Music Family plans are here! They will not go live everywhere at first, but at least some of us will be able to test the feature already. The Family Music plan is up for UK, USA, Australia, Germany, France and Canada and it will let account holders share their preferred music with up to five family members. And it all costs $15 a month. Google Play Music Family was announced earlier this year and it has been a pretty popular and hyped notion for many. The Family plan will work on Android, iOS, and the Web version. When you pay for this service, Google will also give you access to YouTube Red (this feature is only available in the US at the moment). The Play Music app has an already updated changelog in the Play store: Google Play Music family plan allows up to six family members to: Access Google Play Music across Android, iOS and the web Listen on their own accounts at the same time Enjoy personalized experiences Note: The Google Play Music family plan can only be purchased on your Android device. The plan is to bring Google Play Music Family plans to more countries in the near future. Give the app a look below if you are eager to share your music with the family.

Google Photos storage recovery is live! Time to compress some photos, folks!

Google Photos storage recovery became a thing today, along with the significant visual changes of Google +, and people are already enjoying it! The feature is now ready to give you the option of downgrading your photos from maximum quality to high quality in order to save some space on your mobile device.     Your original photos will get downsized to high quality to a maximum of 16MP and they will allow you to retain more storage space on your Google storage without you having to delete anything. Moreover, when you do downgrade the quality of your photos, you won’t see much of a quality change in your memories.   The process of downgrading the photos in your Google Photos storage is pretty simple: click on the Recover Storage agree to Compress agree again compression starts.   Keep in mind that, when you agree to Compress, it will compress all the photos you have on all of Google’s services.   Depending on how many photos you have, the compression process can take up to an hour according to Google Photos. Everything is done server-side, which means your device will not be actively affected. Now go reclaim some of that Google storage!   Source: Google

Google building new competitor for WhatsApp, Economic Times of India reports

Economic Times of India reports that Google is building a competitor for WhatsApp that should have a better chance at taking a piece of the market and revenge the failure of Hangouts on PC, tablet and smartphones. It appears that Google is working on an app that combines internet-based communication and SMS in a seamless and unified viable platform that is not Hangouts. So what’s the difference between this new possible project and Hangouts? It seems that it wouldn’t need a Google account for validation, which could be a nagging aspect in some emerging markets? It appears that, by removing this urge for creating Google accounts in order to use Hangouts, the new app would be used much more and would manage to compete with the now-paid WhatsApp and Line, as well as other popular applications which activate in the same spectrum with some popularity. It also appears that the perfect market for testing such a new app is India, and if this project becomes reality, that is where you should be if you wanna be the first to test it! It could happen in the future but don’t keep your hopes up, thing may get shaken soon! Source: Economic Times of India [wdsm_ad id=”1484″ class=” ” ]  

T-Mobile quadruples Simple Starter data plan to 2 GB for $5 extra a month

T-Mobile is quadrupling its data plan for $5 extra per month starting September 3rd. Sprint and T-Mobile are always in a war of prices, services and quality and this time T-Mobile is trying to get ahead on all aspects by enlarging its Simple Starter Plan Data allotment… at a price, of course! For $5 extra a month, customers will get an upgrade from 500 MB to 2 GB of LTE data. This limited-time offer will debut on September 3rd and it does not interfere with the Simple Choice Plan, which is supposed to remain the same. Why would you choose a $50 plan when you can pay $45 for twice the LTE data? The answer is rather simple: with the Simple Choice Plan, you get unlimited data with the reduced speeds after 1 GB and unlimited music streaming from certain music services that don’t count against the plan. With the Simple Starter, the data service gets cut off after you finished your allocated 2 GB of data and you cannot access free music and tethering. Sprint has just introduced a $60 plan with unlimited data and T-Mobile reached out to its clients with a similar offer. We shall see which proves to be the more popular offer.  Source: T Mobile [wdsm_ad id=”1484″ class=” ” ]

Netflix increases prices by $1, current customers not involved… yet

Netflix decided to increase its prices for European and US citizens alike. The movie and TV show streaming service changed its price change for the new customers only for now, but that will not last for long and old customers will feel this increase in price soon. The $1 rate increase per month is not that much, but considering Redtube sells its service for $8 as well, some new customers could choose another streaming service much easier. Netflix mentioned existing customers will not get a price or plan change for the next two years, but as comforting as that may be, changes are coming. For now, current customers will pay $7.99 per month for the service whereas new customers will be charged $8.99.

Pushbullet update brings improved UI and other nifty functionalities

Pushbullet updated to v14 and it presents an improved UI, among other changes. The app now presents an improved push and a card-based UI and a fully optimized layout for tablets. Among the updates are an improved Tasker integration, the option of including multiple accounts and push to all devices. It has become easier to add friends and there is an easy to use notification mirroring enable/disable list, plus an improved widget. Pushbullet has a new and improved interface with additional functionality. The update is live in the Google Play store and you can download it anytime. Those who want to try this app can do so free of charge.