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Unlocked HTC One M8 gets Android 6.0 OTA

HTC seems to get more and more timely with its updates these days. Case in point: the unlocked HTC One M8, which is getting an update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow in the next 24 hours. The first device to get an update to Android 6.0 was M8 Google Play Edition, which received its OTA last month, and now it appears that the unlocked M8 version will get its due update as well.


HTC One M8



For HTC One M8 to get an update to Android 6.0 this early it means that its owners will get an update well before the owners of this year’s HTC flagship, One M9.


This OTA should bring about a comparatively stock-looking version of Sense UI. After the update arrives, its open source kernel files should be around in a month. This means that custom ROM makers will get new useful tools as they work on bringing their users the custom Marshmallow lifestyle.


Source: AndroidPolice

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HTC One M8 Google Play Edition first HTC device to update to Android 6.0

HTC One M8 will be the first HTC smartphone to get an official update to Android Marshmallow. This does not mean it is the first and only smartphone that gets the Android 6.0 treatment as HTC One A9 is the first one from the company to ship with the most recent Android OS.


HTC One M8



One M8 Google Play Edition is the first released smartphone from HTC that gets the update to Android 6.0. It is not an update requested by HTC as Google takes care of this side of things and OEMs are in charge with pushing out already existing updates.


The reason for 2014’s flagship timely-ish update is unknown, but the rest of the HTC devices will follow as soon as the OEM manages to update and improve the Sense UI to work better on said devices. Other versions of HTC One M8 will get the OTA in the near future, with M9 getting it soon as well. The carrier will have to work on the user interface before releasing Android 6.0 to the rest of the devices.


Our prediction is that the next device to get the update is HTC One M9, 2015’s flagship. The delay is probably due to the fact that Sense UI needs to be worked on substantially before a release is possible.


Source: AndroidCommunity


HTC Desire 625 – a cheap alternative available at Verizon Wireless

If you don’t have enough cash for an HTC One M9 laying around and, to be honest, if you don’t want the hassle of a faulty camera and overheating issues, you can choose the much more affordable HTC Desire 625. It is an exclusive for Verizon Wireless that almost anyone can afford.





The Desire line usually manages to get the important aspects of the flagship and transform them into an affordable device. And they usually cost much less than a flagship too.


HTC Desire 625



HTC Desire 625 is the most recent addition to this line and it presents itself as a smartphone with a plastic white and gold body, but a nice and smooth finish. It costs just about $192 in the US where you can get it at Verizon on contract for $8 per month for 24 months too.

What’s inside the HTC Desire 625?


When it comes to specs, this device cannot be farther from the 2015 flagship. Under the chassis you will find a measly Snapdragon 210 plus 1.5 GB of RAM. Everything is projected on a 5” screen at 720x960p resolution and powered by a 2000 mAh battery. The good part is the 16GB of internal storage plus a microSD card slot. The device also has a rear 8MP camera that will not make the best photos, but you know, 2014 is not that far away and last year’s mobile cameras are not that bad..


HTC Desire 625 comes with Android 5.1 and Sense 7 UI on top. You also get 4G LTE support for all Verizon-friendly areas.


Source: Verizon Wireless

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Verizon’s HTC One M7 finally gets update to Android 5.0 starting May 14th

Verizon’s HTC One M7 version is getting an update to Lollipop tomorrow, on May 14th. Most of the world, including major US carriers, got their update long ago, and it is finally time for Verizon’s device to join the Android 5.0 elite. The update announcement comes from HTC’s VP of Product Management, Mo Versi, and it was made on Twitter earlier today.


HTC ota


There’s also an updated official document highlighting the changes you will get when you get to version 5.28.605.12 or 6.21.605.3. There’s the usual Android 5.0 tweaks, but some of HTC’s twists regarding Sense UI are included as well; below you can see a short changelog:

What’s New:

[box type=”shadow”]

  • HTC EYE Experience is added
  • Enhancement of Visual Voice Mail features, including add note feature, add flag feature, add phone number directly to CGD group, and adjust transcription area when it is too long
  • UI design changes to avoid auto device factory reset after accidental multiple unsuccessful attempts
  • Enhancement to 3-way calling feature
  • File manager is added
  • Addressed calling issue when dialing +1(202)xxx-xxxx




You can check out the full changelog in the Source link below. Hold on for a few more hours, world! The wait is almost over!

Source: Verizon


AT&T’s HTC One M7 gets an update to Sense 6

AT&T’s HTC One M7 gets an update to Sense 6 UI. Even if the device belongs to last year’s best device on the market, HTC doesn’t forget its stars and updates their interface regularly. M7 from AT&T got an update to Android 4.4 recently and now it gets the new interface as well.

The update is pretty much the same to what other carrier’s M7 got recently. The short version is it looks much nicer and does a bunch of new things. It will surely not change the device in a new M8, but it will work pretty well. The update has 672 MB and below you will find the changelog:

  • HTC BlinkFeed has a new and updated interface with more news sources
  • The user interface has updated its color palate and has multiple themes and customizable fonts
  • The gallery is much easier to find and manage
  • Image Match helps users find photos faster
  • Point of Interest location set in Map view
  • The camera app was updated to an intuitive design with quick access to different camera modes
  • HTC Sense TV has a redesigned user interface with live sports scores and social media integration
  • Apps tray was redesigned for customizable options.

Source : HTC