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Android 5.1.1 spotted in SDK Manager – actual update to come soon

Android 5.1.1 was spotted in SDK Manager and even if it all happened yesterday, on April Fools, it’s still there today, so it means the possibility of it not being a hoax is real. The 5.1.1 version could be out in the near future. This could mean some memory leak bugs were fixed (hint hint).


SDK Android 5.1.1



If the version number for the update is on the Internet, this must mean that Google must have finalized the code and is running final tests or preparing for an official release. AOSP was not updated with new releases yet, but that could change in the very near future. Usually, after a version is finalized, new firmware and source code are updated really fast.

Source: AndroidPolice

News Updates/Software

Android 5.0 Lollipop SDK available tomorrow

The new Android 5.0 Lollipop SDK will be available to all those devs who enjoy testing, building and debugging apps for Android starting tomorrow. The ADT bundle will offer you all the API libraries and developer tools you can want or need to develop your own apps.

Developers will be able to play with Lollipop’s features and solve bugs as well as create their own. Among the features you can meddle with are JobScheduler, the camera API, and other performance improvements.

The final SDK is also helpful in testing apps and making sure they are ready to run on the updated Android Lollipop devices and not on the preview OS version. You should get all of your tools updated before getting the SDK as you will be facing tons of compiling.

Source: Developer Android


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